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Cell Transport

What is diffusion?
process when molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration (no energy required: like riding a bike downhill)
What are the 4 methods in which substances can move into and out of the cell?
Diffusion, osmosis, active transport, Engulfing (Endo/Expo)
What is osmosis?
diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane ( it is water specific)
What is passive transport?
materials pass through the cell membrane without requiring the cell's energy
What is active transport?
the movement of materials through the cell membrane using
cellular energy (like riding a bike uphill) Low to
What are examples of active transport?
engulfing and transport proteins
Which transport requires the cell to use its own energy, active or passive?
active transport
What are examples of passive transport?
Osmosis and diffusion
What do we call it when molecules from both sides of the membrane are balanced?
What is an example of diffusion?
smoke goes from a high concentration to a low concentration in a room or food coloring in water
What cell organelle controls what can enter and exit the cell?
cell membrane
When food particles move from the stomach to the capillaries in the intestines, this is an example of diffusion or osmosis in an organism?
When oxygen moves from the lungs to the bloodstream, this is an example of diffusion or osmosis?
Give an example of active transport in a plant?
minerals from the soil are carried into in the root of the plant
How is active transport different from passive transport?
It requires energy and moves from low to high concentration.
Give an example of active transport in animals?
digestion -> carbs/glucose -> villi of the small intestines
or seagulls drink salt water because the active transport removes the excess salt from their cells
What types of substances exit cells?
water, K+ and Na+, CO2 , waste
What types of substances enter cells?
water, oxygen, and K+/Na+, glucose, CO2
Where in plant cells does diffusion occur?
roots -> H2O
Where in animal cells does diffusion occur?
gut/stomach (digestion)/ lungs ->O2
How do Osmosis and diffusion differ?
osmosis is a H2O (water) specific type of diffusion
How is passive transport different from active transport?
no energy required and it moves from high to low concentration
What is selective permeable mean?
a membrane containing tiny pores through which some molecules can pass through while others can not.
How are active and passive transport alike?
pass through the cell membrane and there are two types, moves waste and needed materials in and out
Give an example of osmosis?
plant cells get water from the soil through this process
What is a molecule?
smallest physical unit of a substance that can exist independently, it is not alive ( a group of atoms)
How can you make diffusion happen quicker?
add energy by stirring, shaking or heating