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The President appoints the secretaries of the 15 Departments
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How long Supreme Court justices serve forWhat is Life terms(can be impeached 2/3 Senate, majority House)The members of Supreme JusticesWhat is 9 members(# set by Congress)Marbury v. Madison caseWhat is Judicial Review (Supreme Court asserted this court power)Current chief Justice of the U.SJohn Roberts"let the decision stand"stare decisis (doctrine that a previous decision by a court applies as a precedent in similar cases until that decision is overruled.)a system of law concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes.What is Criminal Lawthe individual or organization that brings a complaint in court.The PlaintiffLee Thomas vs. AJ Quackenbush is an example of this category of lawExample of Civil LawA third category of law, involves cases where one party seeks to argue that the issues involved concerns that extent of governmental powers and/or the rights ofWhat is Public LawThree types of courtsWhat is Trial, appeals, and Supreme CourtsCurrent Vice PresidentWhat is Mike PenceTwo jobs of the vice presidentWhat is wait for president to die or no longer be able to do job and tie breaker of senate)An agreement, masde between the president and another country, that has the force of a treaty but does not require the Senate's advice and consent.What is Executive Agreement( don't require a 2/3 from Senate)the first 4 positions to take the Presidents job if he or she is unable to fulfill their duties as president in the line of succession according to the 25th AmendmentWhat is VP, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore, and Sectary of State