26 terms

Subjunctive Tense w/ Present

aill-, all-
to go - subjunctive
aie, aies, ait, ayons, ayez, aient
to have - subjunctive
sois, sois, soit, soyons, soyez, soient
to be - subjunctive
boiv-, buv-
to drink - subjunctive
bois, bois, boit, buvons, buvez, boivent
to drink - present
croi-, croy-
to believe - subjunctive
doiv-, dev-
to have to - subjunctive
dois, dois, doit, devons, devez, doivent
to have to - present
to make - subjunctive
to die - subjunctive
meurs, meurs, meurt, mourons, mourez, meurent
to die - present
to be able to - subjunctive
peux, peux, peut, pouvons, pouvez, peuvent
to be able to - present
prenn-, pren-
to take- subjunctive
prends, prends, prend, prenons, prenez, prennent
to take - present
to know - subjunctive
sais, sais, sait, savons, savez, savent
to know - present
vienn-, ven-
to come - subjunctive
viens, viens, vient, venons, venez, viennent
to come - present
voi-, voy-
to see - subjunctive
vois, vois, voit, voyons, voyez, voient
to see - present
veuill-, voul-
to want - subjunctive
veux, veux, veut, voulons, voulez, veulent
to want - present
to say - subjunctive
dis, dis, dit, disons, dites, disent
to say - present
entend-, entendent
to hear - subjunctive