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Chapter 7 - ETHERNET (IEEE 802.3)

Access Port
Provides the host with physical connectivity to the network
Trunk Port
The switch port designated to connect another switch is configured as a _____ port. This port transports Ethernet frames belonging to different VLANS.
Trunk Link
A point to point link that interconnects _____ ports of two switches to convey Ethernet frames coming from different frames.
Divides a switched network into segments (broadcast domains) without relying on routers.

Significantly restricts the scope of broadcasting to a much smaller segment.
Access Link
Direct connectivity between a Host and an Intermediary Device.
Broadcast Domain
The _____ of a network defines the scope in which a node's broadcasting messages can reach. The boundary is set by routers, which generally do not relay broadcasted messages.
Dynamic assignation of VLANS
Switch ports are assigned by a dedicated server. Not a widely accepted practice.
Static assignation of VLANS
Two tasks conducted through switches command-line or web-based interface.

1. VLAN definition: VLANS are defined in a switch (VLAN ID and VLAN name).

2. Port assignment to VLANs: once VLANs are created; each port of the switch is manually assigned to a particular VLAN.
IEEE 802.3 standard.

Dominant standard of land based LANs.
Mechanism that identifies VLAN ID of a particular Ethernet frame when it is transported over a trunk link.

Delivery process of Ethernet frames originated from different VLANs over the trunk link.

Takes place between switches.