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American History - Midterm Questions

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The earliest Native Americans crossed a land bridge called what?
Maize/Planting Seeds
What discovery turned nomads into farmers?
Mayan priests' interest in astronomy led to the creation of what?
What was the capital of the Aztec Empire?
The Maya and the Aztec organized their societies around what type of institution?
Which was the largest of the early American civilizations?
Who were the early Ohio Valley people who built huge burial mounds? (~800 B.C.)
The largest settlement of Mound Builders, Cahokia, was in present-day _______ (State).
Chose members of the league council
What were the Iroquois women's positions of power in their communities?
Arrival of Europeans
In the 1500s what changed the ways of life for Native Americans forever?
Early Americans crossed the land bridge from Siberia in NE Asia to present-day ________ (region/state)?
Spend time on other activities
Agriculture allowed early Americans to do what?
Maya and Aztec
Which civilizations organized their societies around their religion?
Which civilization built stone-paved roads over mountains?
The Inca believed the sun god enjoyed displays of what?
How did the Hohokam people acquire shells?
Which peoples wore clothing of sealskin?
Fish (Salmon)
What was the main food of the peoples of the northwestern coast?
People of the Great Plains
Tepees were used by which culture?
Formed a Federation
The Iroquois promoted peace by doing what?
Early Americans came to this land in pursuit of what?
Where do archaeologists believe early Americans came from?
Land bridge
The Ice Age provided access to the Americas through what?
Dependable food supply
What did early Americans need in order to begin to form communities?
Build settlements
Farming allowed people to spend more time doing what?
What is a society ruled by religious leaders called?
Mayan temples were used for what purpose?
Which Aztec city was the largest city in the Americas?
The Inca produced a steady food supply using what?
Who were the native peoples who dug hundreds of miles of irrigation channels?
People of the Great Plains
Who were the native peoples who became skilled at riding horses?
What was the Native American group whose constitution shows that women had a strong voice in government?
Where was the largest settlement of the Mound Builders?
Inspired Christopher Columbus to sail West
Who was Marco Polo? (sorry my typed answer probably is not yours, but click override if you feel like yours is correct too.)
What was the historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity is known as?
Henry the Navigator (Prince Henry)
Which Portuguese prince laid the groundwork for a new era of exploration?
Santa Maria, Nina, La Pinta
In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed to America on three ships. What where these?
Juan Ponce de Leon
Who was the first Spaniard to land on the mainland of North America?
Bartholomeau Dias
Who was the explorer who first sailed around the southern tip of Africa?
Bartolome de Las Casas
Who publicly condemned the cruel treatment of Native Americans by the Spanish?
Northwest Passage
England, France, and the Netherlands hoped to discover a route through North America. What was it called?
Samuel de Champlain
Which explorer's crew founded Quebec?
Trading posts
What did the French want to establish in the Americas?
Printing press
Which invention helped Marco Polo's Travels gain wider circulation?
Gold and slaves
From their trading posts in Africa, the Portuguese traded for what?
Under King Mansa Musa, which city became an important center of Islamic art and learning?
Vasco da Gama
Which explorer discovered the long-awaited eastern sea route to Asia?
Treaty of Tordesillas
Which agreement divided the Americas between Spain and Portugal?
Hernando de Soto traveled as far west as present-day _____________ (state).
The right granted by the Spanish government to the conquistadors that turned Native Americans into slaves was called what?
Martin Luther
Who believed that faith rather than good deeds was the way to heaven? (hint: His followers were called the Protestants)
John Cabot
Whose voyage was used by England as the basis for its claims to North America?
Ferdinand Magellan
Which explorer's crew was the first to sail around the world?
The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting what crop?
What did King James I grant to groups of merchants to organize settlements in an area in America?
Protestants who wanted to leave and found their own churches were called what?
Puritans formed the Massachusetts Bay Company and received a royal charter to establish what colony?
People who refuse to use force or fight in wars are called what?
William Penn
Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution?
Act of Toleration
What law granted the right to worship freely in Maryland?
Which document covered land distribution and social ranking?
Which colony was created so debtors and poor people could start over?
Religious settlements established in California by the Spanish were called what?
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Who claimed Newfoundland for Queen Elizabeth?
Because their journey had a religious purpose, the Separatists called themselves what?
The Great Migration
The movement that drove 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts was called what?
Which European country maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans?
Manhattan (Island)
What island was purchased for a small amount of beads and other goods?
Act of Toleration
What law protected Catholics from any attempt to make Maryland a Protestant colony?
Nathaniel Bacon
Who was "the greatest rebel that ever was in Virginia," according to Governor William Berkeley?
What was the last of the British colonies to be established in America?
Tenant farmers
Workers who paid their French lords an annual rent were known as what?
To keep other European powers from threatening its empire in America, Spain sent soldiers, settlers, and a third aspect?
Subsistence farming
What type of farming was practiced in New England?
Cash crop (farming)
What type of farming was practiced in New York?
What was the most profitable cash crop in South Carolina and Georgia?
Economic resource
How did England view its North American colonies?
Benjamin Franklin
Who exemplified the Enlightenment?
A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies is called what?
Albany Plan of Union
What proposal sought to unite the American colonies against the French?
England and France
The Seven Years' War was a war between what two major powers?
Which leader recognized that British settlers threatened the Native Americans' way of life?
Great Awakening
The religious revival that swept through the colonies was called what?
New England
The hub of the shipping trade in North America was in what region?
(Enslaved) Africans
Labor for the Southern rice fields was provided by whom?
In the Southern Colonies, the region of small farms was called what?
What theory holds that a nation's power depended on expanding its trade?
Albany Plan of Union
What plan called for one general government for all the American colonies?
Edward Braddock
What British commander was sent to conquer the French in the Ohio Valley?
The Treaty of Paris after the 7 Years War, marked the end of power in North America for what power?
William Pitt
Which man changed Britain's fortune in the war with France?
Middle Passage
The leg of the triangular trade route in which enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies was known as what?
The Proclamation of 1763 prohibited colonists from moving west of what?
Sugar Act
The British government tried to stop smuggling with what Act?
Stamp Act
What act taxed almost all printed material in the colonies?
Ethan Allen
Who led the Green Mountain Boys?
King George III
Who opposed any compromise with the American colonists?
Abigail Adams
Whose letters to her husband suggested increased rights for women?
Thomas Jefferson
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Benjamin Franklin
Who ran the first post office established by the Second Continental Congress?
Thomas Paine
Who wrote Common Sense?
George Grenville's first action in the colonies was to take action against whom?
A writ of assistance
To search a colonist's house, a British customs officer presented what?
Patrick Henry
Who persuaded the House of Burgesses to take action against the Stamp Act?
Stamp Act
Which act gave the British Parliament the right to tax and make decisions for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"?
Propaganda against British
What did the colonial leaders use the Boston Massacre killings as?
Lexington and Concord
The shot heard 'round the world" refers to the actions of the minutemen at these battles. What were they?
Which colonists did not consider unfair taxes a good reason for rebellion?
Which colonists wanted to fight the British for American independence?
John Adams
George Washington was chosen commander of the Continental Army upon the recommendation of which delegate?
Olive Branch Petition
The colonists expressed their desire for peace in what document?
What was the name given to Americans who supported independence?
Battle of Trenton
On Christmas night 1776, the Patriots scored a victory at what battle?
Thomas Paine
"These are the times that try men's souls," was written by whom?
William Howe planned to capture the American capital, which was located in what city?
Valley Forge
Where did the Patriot forces endure a winter of terrible suffering?
The French announced support for the United States after the American victory in what battle?
George Rogers Clark forced Henry Hamilton's surrender at which battle?
In 1780, where did the Patriots suffer their worst defeat of the war?
King George III agreed to give the Americans their freedom after the victory in what battle?
George Washington
Which general did not represent the Americans at the peace talks in Paris?
Americans who remained loyal to Great Britain were called Loyalists or this other word?
Loyalist strength was strongest in what part of the colonies?
New England
Loyalist strength was weakest in what part of the colonies?
Nathan Hale
To spy on the British, which Patriot disguised himself as a teacher?
South Carolina
By the end of the war, African Americans were enlisted in every state except for one. Which one?
Marquis de Lafayette
The French nobleman who became Washington's trusted aide was who?
John Paul Jones
Which Patriot's famous words were, "I have not yet begun to fight"?
The Hessians main goal for winning the war was for what?
Treaty of Paris of 1783
The British promised to withdraw all troops from American territory in what treaty?
Return to Mount Vernon
What did George Washington do after the war was over?