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designer of the brooklyn bridge


railroad scandal that overcharged for work not completed

credit mobilier

created a new furnace for producing steel from iron ore


made his fortune in america booming steel industry


created a railroad sleeper car


company that built part of the first transocntinental railroad

central pacific

union president of the american railway union


inventor of the barbed wire for fences


teacher of the deaf, inventor of the telephone


efficiency expert who helped companies eliminate waste


first national park in the united states

yellowstone park

territory where the transcontinental railroad was completed


head of the american federation of labor


eastern end of the first transcontinental railroad


inventor of peanut butter


became the wealthiest oil man in america. started standard oil of ohio


founder of the tuskegee institution in alabama


most of the central pacific rr construction workers were from here


invented an elevator with a safety brake


invented airbrakes for trains and automatic switches for railroad tracks


shot and killed by a disgrunted office seeker in 1881


produced a roll film camera that was easy for all the use


good deed doer


president at the time the first transcontinental railroad was completed


inventor of the typewriter


had over a thousand patents to his credit


to have market control over goods or services


rich financier who purchased carnegie's steel company


the means by which an inventor protects his/her ideas


only after _________ successfuly used a steam engine to drill oil did removing oil from below the earth's surface become practical


the __________ reaffirmed the right of the federal government to supervise railroad activities

interstate commerce act

____________ became one of the wealthiest and most powerful industrialists as head of the standard oil company.


the central pacific and union pacific railroads met at promontory point, utah. to create the nation's first __________

transcontinental railroad

_________ made it illegal to form trusts that interfered with free trade between states

sherman antitrust act

recognizing how important railroads were for settling the west, the government made marge __________ to the railroad companies

land grants

the central pacific railroad employed thousands of __________ immigrants, while numerous _______ immigrants worked for the union pacific railroad

chinese, irish

under railroad time, the united states was divided into _______ time zones


various measures enacted to regulate the railroads were known as ______________

granger laws

by the end of the 19th century, a quarter of the nation's railroads had been taken over by________

financial companies

a corporation that did othing but buy out the stock of other companies was known as a

holding company

john d rockefeller became a magnate of the

oil industry

to improve their labor conditions, many industrial workers formed


the great strike of 1877 involved workers for some of the nation's


the violent incident that turned much of the public against the labor movement was known as the

haymarket affair

by world war 1, membership in the american federation of labor was around

2 million

gave state the right to regulate railroads

munn v. illinois

steel magnate


improved steel making procedure

bessemer process

promoted business competition

social darwinism

merging of similar companies

horizontal integration

major railroad scandal

credit mobilier

inventor of the telephone


president of the afl


steel framed skyscraper


bessemer process


mass produced electricity


the stockholders of the union pacific railroad used the pullman company to make huge, unearned profits for themselves. true or false?


the brooklun bridge connects which two sections of new york city?

manhattan to brooklyn

where was john roebling from?


where did washington roebling get his bridge building experience?

civil war

process by which a company buys out all of its suppliers

vertical integration

focused on collective bargaining and used strikes as a major tactic

american federation of labor

made it illegal for corporations to interfere with free interstate or international trade

sherman antitrust act

supporter of the great strike of 1877 and organizer of the united mine workers of america

mary harris jones

organized in chicago, 1905, by a group of radical unionists and socialists.

industrial workers of the world

theory that justified the efforts of millionaires and discouraged government interference in big business

social darwinism

a corporation made up of many companies that recieve certificates entitling them to dividends on profits earned


large companies in which shares are sold in investors


which us president attended thhe opening ceremony president


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