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  1. amass
  2. stoic
  3. indiscreet
  4. levity
  5. charisma
  1. a verb: collect, stockpile, gather, stash, assemble
  2. b lacking discretion, obvious, not careful
  3. c humor, lightness; frivolity; lack of seriousness
  4. d adj: long-suffering, accepting, tolerant, philosophical, patient
  5. e noun: charm, presence, personality, magnetism, appeal, attractiveness

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  1. adj: amenable, cooperative, obedient, tame, submissive
  2. unwieldy, weighty; slow and heavy
  3. adj: muted, subdued, faint, below the radar, understated
  4. adj: changeable, turbulent, shifting, moody, inflammatury, unpredictable
  5. noun: hostility, bitterness, dislike, bad blood, hatred, loathing, spite

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  1. equivocateadj: inborn, natural, intrinsic, in one's blood, hereditary, deep-rooted


  2. lucidverb: condemn, attack, criticize, denounce, slam


  3. insolencenoun: rudeness, disrespect, arrogant, going beyond limits


  4. demureverb: study, inspect, browse, wade through, skim, glance at


  5. infamousadj: notorious, outrageous, shameful, scandalous, disgraceful