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  1. pernicious
  2. tantamount
  3. transgression
  4. demure
  5. heretic
  1. a noun: offense, sin, crime, wrongdoing, misdemeanor, error, lapse
  2. b adjective: harmful, dangerous, adverse, injurious, bad, evil, wicked, malevolent
  3. c adj: equal to, as good as, comparable to, commensurate with, the same
  4. d noun: dissenter, agnostic, atheist, nonbeliever, pagan, heathen
  5. e adj: modest, meek, mild, shy, bashful, ladylike, innocent

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  1. adj: unruly, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, wild, uncooperative
  2. verb: love, hold dear, admire, care for, look after, keep safe
  3. verb: flicker, tremble, hesitate, change one's mind, be undecided
  4. to place in a lower position; to assign, refer, turn over; to banish, demote
  5. of your own free will

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  1. congenialadj: pleasing, friendly, compatable, agreeable, amicable, easy to get along with


  2. extraneousadj: threatening, menacing, sinister, gloomy, foreboding, fateful


  3. subtleadj: obedient, cooperative, submissive, dutiful, pliant


  4. discrepancynoun: difference, variation, deviation, disagreement, inconsistency, mismatch


  5. recapitulateto review a series of facts; to sum up, repeat briefly