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  1. prudent
  2. vehement
  3. ponderous
  4. inclement
  5. immutable
  1. a stormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action
  2. b forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor; strong
  3. c unwieldy, weighty; slow and heavy
  4. d adj: cautious, judicious, sensible, sage, advisable, careful, thrifty
  5. e adj: fixed, unchanging, lasting, permanent, constant

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  1. adj: serious, severe, traumatic, grave, shocking, damaging
  2. adj: long-suffering, accepting, tolerant, philosophical, patient
  3. adj: gentle, kindly, warmhearted, friendly, mild, agreeable
  4. adj: harmless, safe, innocent, unobjectionable
  5. verb: strengthen, boost, enlarge, expand, amplify, improve, increase

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  1. veracitynoun: persistence, determination, staying power, perseverance


  2. enigmaadjective: gloomy, melancholy, depressed, miserable, blue, down in the dumps


  3. chasmverb: subdue, humble, take down a peg, put someone in their place


  4. viablepractical or workable


  5. indolentsilent or brooding because of ill humor, anger, or resentment; gloomy


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