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  1. docile
  2. tentative
  3. languish
  4. indolent
  5. polarize
  1. a habitually lazy or inactive, lethargic, idle
  2. b adj: unconfirmed, uncertain, provisional, hesitating, unsure
  3. c adj: obedient, cooperative, submissive, dutiful, pliant
  4. d to draw into two opposing sides
  5. e verb: deteriorate, decline, wither, waste away, go downhill

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  1. noun: obstacle, barrier, obstruction, difficulty, setback, stumbling block
  2. noun: difference, variation, deviation, disagreement, inconsistency, mismatch
  3. adj: fictitious, made-up, untrue, false, unverified
  4. verb: study, inspect, browse, wade through, skim, glance at
  5. noun: indifference, lack of interest, dispassion, unconcern, ennui

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  1. censureadj: modest, meek, mild, shy, bashful, ladylike, innocent


  2. pensiveadjective: thoughtful, preoccupied, introspective, absorbed, lost in thought


  3. belligerentadj:hostile, threatening, warlike, confrontational, combative


  4. affectedadj: artificial, contrived, unnatural, phony, fake, insincere


  5. subtleadj: casual, cheerful, careless, nonchalant, unworried