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  1. hindrance
  2. viable
  3. detritus
  4. pivotal
  5. anecdote
  1. a practical or workable
  2. b debris, wreckage, ruins, rubble
  3. c a short, humorous story which usually contains a message
  4. d noun: obstacle, barrier, obstruction, difficulty, setback, stumbling block
  5. e adj: central, crucial, vital, essential, decisive, key

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  1. quick to learn, catch on, learned
  2. adjective: thoughtful, preoccupied, introspective, absorbed, lost in thought
  3. verb: disappear, vanish, scatter, disperse
  4. adj: changeable, turbulent, shifting, moody, inflammatury, unpredictable
  5. verb: increase, add to, magnify, build up, augment, improve

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  1. infamousadj: notorious, outrageous, shameful, scandalous, disgraceful


  2. inclementstormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action


  3. tantamountadj: unconfirmed, uncertain, provisional, hesitating, unsure


  4. enigmanoun: puzzle, riddle, problem, quandary, poser, mystery


  5. immutableadj: fixed, unchanging, lasting, permanent, constant