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  1. prodigal
  2. amass
  3. pensive
  4. propensity
  5. ephemeral
  1. a adj: temporary, transitory, fleeting, short-lived, brief
  2. b adjective: thoughtful, preoccupied, introspective, absorbed, lost in thought
  3. c verb: collect, stockpile, gather, stash, assemble
  4. d a natural inclination or tendency
  5. e adj: extravagant,wasteful, imprudent, liberal, unsparing

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  1. adj: unruly, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, wild, uncooperative
  2. adj: shy, timid, lacking self-confidence, insecure, humble
  3. adj: gentle, kindly, warmhearted, friendly, mild, agreeable
  4. adj: outlying, on the edges, unimportant, nonessential, minor
  5. adj: harmless, safe, innocent, unobjectionable

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  1. grievousadjective: harmful, dangerous, adverse, injurious, bad, evil, wicked, malevolent


  2. docileadj: muted, subdued, faint, below the radar, understated


  3. parodynoun: indifference, lack of interest, dispassion, unconcern, ennui


  4. immutableadj: flawless, spotless, immaculate, perfect, squeaky clean


  5. indolentstormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action