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Pride in your country


Desire to gain colonies


Power struggle and military build-up


Secret agreement between countries

military alliances

Germany, Austria-Hungry, Bulgaria, and Turkey

Central powers

France, England, Russia, and United States

Allied Powers

What year did the war begin in Europe?


Whose murder sparked the war in Europe?

Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand

What country stayed neutral until 1917?

United states

Did the sinking of the Lousitania in 1915 cause the U.S. to enter the war?


what caused the U.S. to enter the war in 1917?

Zimmerman Telegram

Name the 4 things U.S. citizens did on the home front to help the war effort.

rations, sacrifice, meatless, and wheatless days

Who murdered Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand?

Gavrilo Princip

Name 3 new weapons used for the first time during the war.

poisonous gas, tanks, and machine guns

The war was fought in the --------


What is the land called that lies between?

no man's land

An agreement to stop fighting


Who was the President of the U.S. during WWI?

Woodrow Wilson

what is the name of the treaty that ended WWI?

Treaty of Versailles

What year did the war end?


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