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  1. N.a conclusion based on guesswork or insufficient evidenc. V. to form an opinion while lacking sufficient evidence
  2. n. A collection of various writings, such as songs, stories, or poems.
  3. adj. 1. Voluntary and unplanned. 2. Occurring or produced without human labor.
  4. v. 1. To enclose or encircle. 2. To include.
  5. v. To introduce gradually in order to establish securely.

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  1. modifyv. 1. To make less extreme or severe. 2. To make changes in. 3. In grammar, to limit or restrict in meaning.


  2. pivotn. Cunning or deceit in dealing with others; trickery.


  3. step in the line of descent of a family. 2.all the people born and living about the same time 3. the average span of time between the birth of parents and their children


  4. recurv. 1. To come up again or to happen again. 2. To come to mind again.


  5. generationadj. 1. Urgent; pressing. 2. Having the power or authority to command.


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