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What is subject of a criminal case tried in federal court?
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Government has the right to make reasonable rules regulating assembliesto protect against the inciting of violence or the endangerment of lifeWhat is true about commercial speech?Commercial speech is protected by the 1st and 14th amendmentWhat has the most limited first amendment protection?Radio and televisionGovernment cannot apply ______ to spoken or written words.Prior restraintWhich public places do people have a constitutional right to hand out political literature.Shopping centersWhy isn't there an exact definition of what due process guaranties?Supreme court only defines the guarantees on a case-by-case basisThe right to privacy that is a concept of due process that has been applied in cases involving ___.Abortionunder the 2nd Amendmenteach state has the right to have a militiaA _____ requires the police to bring prisoners before court and explain why he/she should not be releasedIndictmentWhy is the crime of treason in the constitution?The farmer knew the charge of treason can be used for political reasonsThe prohibition of ______ prevents a person from being tried twice for the same crime.double jeopardythe Supreme Court cases (Jones v Mayer) and (Runyon V McCray) havestrengthened the 13th amendment by upholding the right of Congress to outlaw discrimination against minorities13th Amendment forbidsslavery and most involuntary forms of servitudeWhen arresting a person police must _____.have probable cause to believe the person is involved in criminal activityThe states police power is defined as the right to _____.protect public health, safety, morals, and the general welfareA(n) _____, requires the police to bring a prisoner before the court and explain why he or she should not be released: a. Writ of Habeas Corpus b. Bill of Attainder c. Ex Post Facto Law d. Indictmentwrit of habeas corpusonly crime defined in the constitution of the United States by all of the following means excepttreasonA person can become a citizen of the United States by all of the following exceptillegally crossing the Mexican border into TexasCitizenship by birth is determined by the rulesof jus soli and jus sanguinisWhat best describes the judicial system under the articles of confederationWhat appointment does not require a senate approvalPresidentialthe Supreme Court's decision on Marbury v. Madisonestablished the Court's power of Judicial reviewPicketing is protected by the first and fourteenth amendment if it is ______peacefulThe distinction the court had mad between prayer in congress or in states legislates and prayer in public schools is based largely on ____.the maturity of those being led in prayerThe opinions of the majority need little or no constitutional protection becausethe opinions are popularWhat reasons can demonstrators be arrestedthe demonstration causes violence but the demonstrators themself remain peacefulConstitutional protections for persons accused of crimeInformed of rights, right to a speedy trial, had arrest or legal warrantThe due process law guaranteesstates will not deny people of any basic or essential libertiesthe 4th Amendment is particularly aimed atpreventing the police from abusing their powerWhat requires a warrentinstallation of a wire tapWhy can the rite of Habeas corpus be suspended in warthe public good outweighs the civil libertiesthe 6th Amendment right to a public trial is meant to safeguard the rights of thedefendantWhat tips the scales away from bail toward preventive detention?Whether the defendant is likely to comit a crime before trialWhat is a statement about American Society?The population of the United States is predominately whiteThe consequences of historical bias against native Americans include ____.The growth of the Native American population in the USA law prohibiting African Americans from sitting in-front of a public bus could have passed the rational basis test or the strict scrutiny testIt would not have passed either testBrown v. Board of Education1954 case that overturned Separate but Equal standard of discrimination in education.According to congress the courts misreading or Title 7 centered on ____Whether the burden of proof rested on the employer or employee