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a person's sense of right and wrong


the process of sending and receiving messages


a person who transmits a message


that which is sent or said


a person who intercepts a message and then decodes it


a reaction that the reciever gives to a message offered by the sender

communication barrier

any obstaconle (may be attuidinal, social, educational, cultural, or environmental) that gets in the way of effective communication

written communication

any communicaiton that must be read

oral (verbal) communication

commnication that is primarily spoken

nonverbal communication

facial expressions or body movements used to express attitudes or moods about a person, situation, or idea


anything that stands for an idea and is used for communication

intrapersonal communication

communication that takes place any time messages are transmitted between 2 or more people


the art or study of public speaking


a person who delievers oratory and uses words effectively

logical appeal

the use of sequence, analysis, organization, and evidence to prove a point and persuade

emotional appeal

a persuasive technique that involves "striking and emotional chord"; the speaker uses issues and calues such as patriotism, family, and honor to win the audience's favor

ethical (personal) communication

persuasive quality based on the speaker's natural honesty, sincerity, and commitement to what is right and good


conversations between actions, 2 persons, or groups


an inner drive, need, or impulse that causes a person to act


labeling every person in a group based on a preconceived idea as to what the group represents


answerable and accountable for one's actions


to serve as the typical or ideal example of


a person's ability to inspire belief


hypothesized, held spellbound, or fascinated


lacking proper respect or seriousness


a mutual corresponding or communicating

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