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Friday 12/7/11

Fat globules and foamy histiocytes on needle biopsy of breast mass?
Fat necrosis. Follow up with routine screening.
What lab is abnormal in turners?
High FSH (like premature menopause)
Treatment for Stress, Urge and Overflow incontinence?
Stress - Kegel exercises, urethropexy

Urge - oxybutinin (anticholinergic) (this stops you from peeing

Overflow - Bethanecol (long acting ach) and Alpha blockers (these allow you to pee easier)
What acid-base issue does aspirin cause?
Metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis
Most common side effect of EPO besides iron deficiency anemia?
Worsening hypertension
What hearing loss is associated with loud nosies?
Presbycusis (even if not elderly)
Rams Hunt Syndrome
Herpes zoster that causes bells paulsy!
What breast tumor is associated with rash on the breast?
paget's leads to adenocarcinoma!

Rash is eczematous, itchy
What type of arrythmia (class) is responsible for deaths in most MI's?
How do anti-histamines help cough?
Reduce nasal secretions that cause post nasal drip
Who has a waddling gait? En blac (head doesn't move)? Hypokinetic?
Waddling - muscular dystrophy
En Black - Vestibular issue
Hypokinetic - Parkinsons
Cavernous sinus thrombosis vs orbital cellulitis?
CST - often bilateral, papilledema
Air fluid levels in the gallbladder with no stones?
Ephesematous cholecystitis (bacterial) - give fluids, cholecystectomy and antibiotics against clostrididium and gram negative gas forming species!)
Ring enhancing brain lesion not in AIDS?
Abscess (aerobes - strep or anaerobes - bacterioides)
FSGS vs membranous glomerulopathy?
FSGS more in A.A.'s, IVDU, obesity and HIV

Membranous more in hepatitis
Solid benign bilateral ovarian masses of pregnancy
Doll face, lactic acidosis, short, protuberant abdomen at 3-4 months?
Glucose 6 phosphate deficiency (Type I glycogen storage disease). Normal LFTs, elevated lactate

Branching enzyme deficiency is just cirrhosis and failure to thrive (type IV)

Debranching enzyme (III) deficiency is the same but altered LFTs, normal lactate.
Acid Maltase deficiency
Pompe disease (Type II glycogen storage disease)
How long to B12 stores last?
4-5 years
Rheumatoid arthritis, enlarged kidneys, hepatomegaly? Test?
Amyloidosis - see deposits if apple-green birefringence with congo red stain under polarized light.
What test to evaluate for mechanical ventilation in Guillan barre?
Vital capacity (< 15 is BAD!)
Best radiologic test for multiple myeloma?
X-Ray! bone scan is not helpful because no new bone is forming.
Eczema herpiticum associated with what?
Healing atopic dermatitis. Give acyclovir!!!
Who gets staph scalded skin syndrome?
Kids < 6
Which one do you treat just that one for? Gonorrhea or Chlamydia?
Chlamydia if gonorrhe is not detected. Chlamydia is too hard to identify (can't C it!) so you have to treat emperically for it.
PT vs PTT (which is INR? Vitamin K?)
PT is INR And vitamin K! (extrinsic)
Which neurotransmitter is effected in OCD?
Serotonin is low
Solitary lytic lesions in kids?
Langerhans histiocytosis - treat conservatively! (parathyroid adenoma in adults!)
GVHD vs rejection?
GVHD is donor T cells fighting patients skin, liver and intestine (diarrhea)

Rejection is destruction of the foreign organ by host T-cells
Indications for ERCP?
Severe biliary pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, looking for ampullary cancers, need for tissue samples and need for duct exporation.
Treatment for coccidio meningitis?
IV amphotericin and IV flucystosine followed by oral flucystosine
Laryngomalacia vs choanal atresia
Laryngomalacia has stridor, choanal atresia has cyanosis and needs to be surgically repaired-worse with feeding, better with crying (keeping mouth open).
Non parathyroid mechanism of hypercalcemia in malignancy?
Cytokine activation unless its hodgkins and then its calcitriol
Levels of PTH in primary hyperparathyroidism?
elevated or often times normal! Secondary has higher levels.
Treatment for unstable supraventricular tachycardia (narrow complex)
Cardioversion! If stable can do adenosine or AV node blockers (digoxin, or procainimide)
What are pregnant women with a previous history of anorexia at risk for?
small for gestational age/premature, hyperemesis gravidarum, postpartum depression
Most common area of the spine to be affected in RA?
Cervical (C1 and C2)