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Math: Chapter 4: Number Theory and Fractions 1/14/2011

We will have two more tests in the second marking period. This is a set on Chapter 4 about: Divisibility (4-1), Factors/Prime Factorization (4-2), GCF (4-3) and Equivalent Fractions (4-5). Date of Test: 1/14/2011
A number that is multiplied by another number to get a product
The product of any two numbers
Able to be divided by another number if the quotient is a whole number with no remainder
Prime numbers
Numbers that have only 2 factors and thus are only divisible by 1 and itself
Composite numbers
Numbers that have more than 2 factors
Prime factorization
A number written as the product of its prime factors
Equivalent fractions
Fractions that represent the same value
Simplest form
When the GCF of a fraction's numerator and denominator is 1
Repeating decimal
A decimal in which one or more digits repeat infinitely
Terminating decimal
A decimal or number that ends or terminates