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Spreadsheet Terms 2012

a file with one or more worksheets or spreadsheets
the area for entering and calculating data made up of columns and rows separated by gridlines (light gray lines),); also called a spreadsheet
the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet; the basic unit of a spreadsheet
Formula bar
as you enter data into a cell, it simultaneously appears in the formula bar, which is located above the worksheet. Formula will still be visible in this after after formula results appear in the cell
Cell Reference
the location of a cell in a worksheet as identified by its column letter and row number, also known as the cell address or cell name
text in the first row or column of a worksheet that identifies the type of data contained there
a number entered in the worksheet
Fill series
a list of sequential numbers, dates, times, or text that is generated when data is copied to adjacent cells
Active Cell
The cell in the worksheet in which you can type data
How the data is positioned within the cell either horizontally and vertically
Sum Function (AutoSum)
a built-in spreadsheet formula that adds a range of cells
Average Function
sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of non-zero cells in the range
A graphical representation of spreadsheet data
Cell Pointer
cross-shaped pointer that appears inside the outlined cell when the mouse is over the cell.
Cell Range
refers to a group of adjacent cells that are rectangular in shape, such as A4:A16.
appears vertically in a worksheet and is identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window
remove data from of document
Entry Bar
a toolbar on the excel window that shows the text or the equation assign to a cell
Fill Down
A command used to copy data to cells in a column below the original cell.
Fill Right
A command used to copy data to cells in a row to the right of the original cell.
Find and Replace
a feature that scans a document, searches for occurrences of specific text, symbols or formatting, and allows a user to replace it with new text, symbols or formatting
arranging the shape, size, type, appearance, or general makeup of a cell or document
Formula Results
The value resulting from the processing of an arithmetic equation
An equation that calculates a new value from values currently in a spreadsheet
Predefined spreadsheet formulas built into the software that enable you to perform simple calculations, as well as, complex calculations easily.
Insert rows and columns
used to add a row or column in a worksheet.
The orientation of a page where the width is greater than the height; printing a document where it is wider than it is tall,.
Line Chart
A chart that uses points connected by a line to illustrate values in a worksheet.
Mathematical Operators
symbols used in mathematical operations: + for addition, - for subtraction, * for multiplication, / for division, and ^ for exponentation
Max Function
A function that returns the maximum value of the values in a range.
Min Function
A function that returns the minimum value in the range.
Page Orientation
Refers to the position in which a page is arranged either vertically or horizontally
The default page orientation; , page is taller than it is wide
Print Range
The pages or range of a document that you specify should be printed.
Protect Cells
The spreadsheet command that locks cells so data cannot accidentally be changed
Relative Cell Reference
The ability of a spreadsheet to change a cell or range reference to automatically adjust to the new location in a worksheet when the formula is copied
In a spreadsheet the row is the horizontal group of cells. Rows are named with numbers, i.e. 1,2,3.
To arrange a list of data alphabetically (text) or numerically (numbers), in ascending or descending order
A computer application that produces worksheets arranged in columns and rows and performs mathematical calculations
Rows and Columns
The structure units of a spreadsheet matrix