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"B" glossary terms for exam prep

Definition of Balancing Power
equalizing power in a couple which is overly organized by a hierarchy
Who formulated Battle for Initiative?
Carl Whitaker (symbolic-experiential therapy)
What does the Battle for Initative follow?
The battle for structure
What is the definition for Battle of Initiative?
the family takes back from the therapist its authority to make choices about what is discussed and about decisions that affect their lives
Who formulated Battle for Structure?
Carl Whitaker (symbolic-experinetial therapy)
What is the purpose of the Battle for Structure?
the therapist's demand that the family capitulate to their way of conducting therapy, particularily during the initial stages
What is Beavers-Timberlawn Model?
An assesment tool used to rate the dimensions of competence and style in a family's functioning
What are the competence dimensions in the beavers-timberlawn model
Competence dimensions for Beavers-Timberlawn model
1. adequate
2. optimal
3. midrange
4. borderline
5. severly dysfunctional
What are the stylistic dimensions of the Beavers-Timberlawn Model?
Stylistic dimensions for Beavers-Timberlawn Model
1. Centripetal
2. Centrifugal
3. Mixed
What is Behavioral Exchange Theory?
a way of describing relationships in terms of costs and benefits. Functional relationships have plentiful access to rewards and relatively few costs, while distressed relationships have a scarcity of rewards relative costs
Who developed Behavioral Family Therapy (BFT)?
Patterson, Reid, and others
What principles are Behavioral Family Therapy Therapy?
learning and behavior change
What is Behavioral Family Therapy?
All family members are seen as part of the problem and symptoms are reformulated into concrete observable behaviors, each of which will either be rewarded or extinguished
What are behavioral parent Training?
A program for training parents in the use of contingency management to modify or extinguish unwanted behaviors and reinforce desirable behaviors in children
What is Bicultural?
people who belong to more than one culture and who are able to alternate between the cultures, adjusting temporarily to each depending on the circumstance
What therapy is Bilateral Pseudo-theapy from?
symbolic-experiential therapy
What is the defintion of Bilateral Pseudo-theapy?
the tendacy in some families for family members to be therapists to one another. Therapists demand that the therapy be turned over to them, asserting that the family failed in its efforts at self-therapy
Which theory uses Bilateral Transference?
Symbolic-experiential therapy
What is the definition of Bilateral Transference?
When a therapist adopts the language, accent, rhythm, or posture of the family
What is biobehavioral?
Biological factors that influence behavior, e.g. depression, that is caused, by faulty neurochemistry
What is a bi-modal feedback mechanism?
From Ashby, the rule-bound mechanism by which a system remains unchanged so long as teh internal or external enviroment is stable, but when the fluctuation exceeds the range of stability the system must respond in some new way. The system either breaks down or leaps into new levels of functioning. The change also results in new set of patterns which, like the old pattern, is also bound by rules and it too remains unchanged,s o long as the enviroment is stable
What is a Binuclear Family?
Families in which the parents are divorced, have remarried, and formed two intact nuclear families
What theory does the term blamer stem from?
Virginia Satir's experiential family therapy
What is the definition of the term blamer?
Blamer is one of the 5 communication styles of Satir's experiential family therapy. The blamer judges and complains, often for the purpose of bullying others into accepting their preferences.
Which family theory has the term boundary?
Minuchin's structural family therapy
What is the definition of the term boundary?
hypothetical dividers between or among subsystems within the family or between systems
How are boundaries defined?
Boundaries are defined spatially by the ways family members align with one another
How are boundaries set within families?
Boundaries are set by the implicit or explicit rules concerning who participates in which subsystem and in what manner
How are boundaries described?
Rigid, clear, or diffuse
What does the term boundary interface mean?
The regions between each subsystem of the family and between the family and the suprasystem also called familial boundary
What therapy technique uses boundary making?
structural therapy
What is boundary making?
When the therapist establishes a functional semi-permeable (clear) boundary where either a rigid or diffuse boundary had existed previously
What is Bowen's family therapy model based on?
the family's emotional system, the differentiation of self within one's family, and the multi-generational transmission of emotions and family patterns
Who developed Brief family Therapy?
Milton Erikson and others at hte Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto, CA