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-70, +30

The action potential changes the membrane potential from ______mV (resting) to ____mV and back again to the resting membrane potential?

Na+, k+, and voltage-gated

A change in membrane permeability first to ___then to ___due to the opening of what type of ion channel?

Axon hillock

Where is the density of voltage-gated Na+ channels the greatest?

Dendrites and cell body

What areas of the neuron generate signals that open these voltage-gated channels?


Opening of these channels causes the membrane to ___(voltage change)

Threshold, action potential

If the membrane reaches the trigger point, known as _____what electrical potential will be generated?

Na+, Na+

During the depolarized phase, voltage-gated ____channels open and ____enters the cell?

Inactivtion of voltage-gated Na+ channels and Opening of voltage-gated K+ channels

What are the two processes that stop the potential from rising above +30 mV?


The opening of voltage-gated K+ channels cause the membrane to ____?

Out of the cell

Does K+ move into or out of the cell?


If the membrane potential becomes more negative than -70 mV, this is called ___?

Slow decline

This potential is caused by what characteristic of K+ permeability?

N+, absolute refractory

After an action potential, the neuron cannot generate another action potential because____channels are inactive. This period is called the ____period?

Relative refractory, more

During the ___period, the cell can generate another action potential but only if the membrane is____(more or less) depolarized.

Increased diameter and pressure of mylein

Conduction velocity along the axon is increased by what two characteristics?


Conduction along a myelinated axon is called_____conduction?

Multiple sclerosis

Name the disease whose symptoms include loss of vision and increasing muscle weakness?

Myelin sheaths of CNS axons/Low voltage-gated channels between the nodes of Raniver

What does Multiple sclerosis destroy? How does it stop action potential?

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