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Spanish 3 Chapter 2

El cocinero fracasado
tendré éxito / tenía éxito
I will have success / he/she/you/I had success
un fracaso total
a complete failure
buscará una nueva receta
he/she/you will look for a new recipe
tratará otra vez
he/she/you will try again
el cocinero irá
the chef will go
se sintió aliviado
he/she/you felt relieved
he/she/you spilled/will spill
he/she/you brought/will bring
lo despidió/despedirá
he/she/you fired him/will fire him
he/she/you put/will put
si estuviera en tu lugar, yo...
if I were in your place, I would...
no beberé
I will not drink
se sentía mejor / se sentirá mejor
he/she/you felt better/will feel better
tomó / tomará un tazón de caldo
he/she/you drank/will drink a bowl of brawth
tenía la gripe
he/she/you had the flu
tendrás que...
you will have to...
según el médico
according to the doctor
no le gustaba el sabor
he/she/you did not like the taste
si calentara (mi gorra), yo no tendría tanto frío
if he/she/you/I had heated (my hat), I wouldn't be so cold
empezó a oler
he/she/you/it began to smell
la metió en el microondas
he/she/you put it in the microwave
calentó la gorra
he/she/you heated the hat
si hubiera puesto..., se habría calentado más
if he/she/you/I had put ..., it would have been heated more
te quemarás / se quemó
you will get burned / he/she/you got burned