What is the difference between valence and valence electrons?
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What is the pH of a substance if it has a hydroxide concentration of 0.0001?ation of9What is the study of compounds that contain carbon?Organic chemistryWhich of the following are present in amino acidsCarboxyl group, COOH, NH2Hydrogen bonds hold together________structure of a proteinsecondary_______hold together carbohydrates and ______hold together the primary structure of a proteinGlycosiclic bonds, peptide bondsWhich of the following refers to the process in which a water molecule is added to separate monomers?HydrolysisBeta pleated sheets and alpha helicase are a type of which level of protein organization?SecondaryThe role of chaperonins is toAssist in folding a protein into its 3D structureWhich of the following will NOT result in the denaturation of a protein?Presence of an acidic amino acid.If a cell needs to quickly transport a large molecule to another cell, what mechanism of transport will likely be used?Gap junctionsWhat does it mean to be amphipathic?Has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regionWhat types of structure is amphipathic?Intergal proteinWhat is an Endergonic reaction?What is the first law of thermodynamics?Energy cannot be created or destroyedWhere does glycolysis occur?CytoplasmHow many different kinds of chlorophyll exist in plants?10What are the most commonly used microscopes?the compound microscope and the dissenting microscopeWhat type of enzyme phosphorylates other molecule?KinaseDuring what phase of the cell cycle does the cell prepare for division?literphaseWhat types of cells are haploid?All sex cells(gametes)