50 terms

AP Gov Chapters 3 and 9

Federalism is a way of organizing a nation so that
both national and state levels of government have some authority over the same people
In McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court established which of the following principles?
States cannot interfere with or tax the legitimate activites of the federal government
The Founding Fathers devised a ferderal system for all of the following reasons except
federal systems were common throughout the world and were proven to be effective
The reserved powers of the state government can best be described as those powers
not specifically granted to the national government or denied to the states
Which kind of federalism best describes an autonomous relationship between the states and national government
layer cake federalism
The tenth amerndment to the Constitution has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to
reserve the powers to the states
The concept that the national government is supreme in its own sphere while the states are equally supreme in theirs is known as
Dual federalism
All of the following are characteristics of marble cake federalism except
the national government exercised its power independently from state governments
What did the Supreme Court determin in McCulloch v. Maryland?
To carry out its economic powers, Congress may reasonably decide to create a national bank, the necessary and proper clause enables Congress to take actions not specifically listed in the Constitution, States may not tax any federal institution
The terms "fiscal federalism" and "cooperative federalism" refer to situations in which
federal, state, and local governments work togeteher to complete a project, with the federal government providing much of the project funding
Which of the following supreme court cases was a win for states' rights as the Court declared that Congress did not have the authority to enforce federal gun laws on school grounds
United States v. Lopez
Which of the following Suptreme Court cases clarified federalism by declarin gthat the national government may not force states to enforce federal law?
Printz v. U.S.
The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires states and local governments to provide equal access for the disabled. This is an example of a
The power of the national government to regulate interstate commerce was expanded in teh landmark case of
Gibbons v. Ogden
Which of the following actions by the federal government best illustrates the concept of unfunded mandates?
Requiring states and municipalities to privatize many previously publicly funded services
States have found federal funding attractive for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
Federal grants rarely come with strings attached
Which of the following Constitutional provisions has been interpreted as weakening the Tenth Amendment?
the necessary and proper clause
Which of the following is a key concept of federalsim?
The line between national and state powers is often unclear and flexible
The constitution delegates Congress the power to lay taxes and coin and borrow money. this is an example of
enumerated powers
Of the following, which has been used to expand the power of the national government
The commerce clause of the Constitution
Which of the following is the best example of devolution
block grants, but which money from the national governmetn is given to the states for discretionary use with broad guidelines
Which of the following is NOT a way in which the federal government regulates campaigns
by prohibition on negative advertising
A prominent example of the process of returning more responsibility of governing from the nation level to the state level is
welfare reform
Which of the following is an example of presidential use of inherent powers?
Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase
What is the main difference between a primary and a caucus?
Causcuses are meetings of many different pary members and primaries are elections.
The term "frontloading" specifically refers to:
States hold their primaries earlier and earlier in the primary season
Today, the most important function of a party's national convention is to
formally nominate the president and vice president
The term "superdelegate" refers to
elected officials who are not required to pledfe themselces in advance to a presidential candidate
The Defense of Marriage Act
Permits states to disregard same-sex marriages or civil unions issued in other states
The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold) attempted to
ban soft money donations to national political parties
The main loophole to the MCCain Feingold Act is
Which of the following is a correct statement about political action committees (PAC's)?
PAC's campaign contributions to a candidate are limited by law.
Giving state governments greater discretion in deciding how to achieve the specific goals of welfare reform is an example of
The goal of the Federal Election Campaign Act was to
make campaigns more fair and transparent
Which of the following is the best example of a categorical grant?
money given to states for special education programs
compared to the general population, delegates to teh presidential nomination conventions are
more ideological
Before primaries existed, state parties selected their delegates to the national convention through which of the following processes
local committee conventions
if presidential candidates accept federal support in the form of matching campaign financing,
then they agree to limit their campain expenditures to an amount prescribed by federal law
Which of the following constitutional principles most directly addresses the relationship between the national and state governments
In Buckley v. Valeo, the Supreme Court
struck down the part of the Federal Election Act that restricted the amount individuals could contribute to their own campaign.
Soft money is
unregulated donations to political parties for party building expenses
The constitutional requirement that the states return a person charged with a crime in another state to that state for trial or imprisonment is known as
Among the concurrent powers of the U.S. system is
Groups that are referred to as "527s"
are allowed to create issue ads because they do not directly advocate the election or defeat of any candidate for federal office
Which of the following best describes the difference between open and closed primary?
Only voters who register as members of a political party may vote in that party's closed primary, while independents and others may be eligible to vote in open primaries.
Ths supreme Court ruled which of the following concerning the death penalty
The death penalty is not necessarily cruel and unusual punishment.
Cooperative federalism can be best described by which of the following statements
different levels of government are involved in common policy areas
Which of the following campaign financing reforms has been adoped
abolishing soft money contributions
The specific goal of the presidential nomination game is to
win the majority of delegates votes in order to win the party nomination
Congress has set the day for national elections as
the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years