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  1. Calpurnia's son; garbage collector; one of 4 people who can read at First Purchase African M.E. Church
  2. Adult friend of jem and scout. He house burns
  3. Real name is Arthur.
    Jem and Scouts neighbor
    Leaves gifts in tree
  4. sheriff of Maycomb
  5. Scout's classmate who only attends school on first day.
    Has cooties
  6. Maycomb's gossip
    claimed she saw boo radley at her window,
    lets miss maudie live with her when the house burns down

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  1. ScoutJean Louise Finch is real name
    age 6
    first person narrator


  2. CalpurniaA lawyer who defends Tom Robinson
    Nickname is One-shot FInch
    Kills rabid dog


  3. ScoutScout's older brother by 4 years


  4. Walter CunninghamFinch's housekeeper and care giver
    She is African American


  5. Aunt AlexandraSister of atticus and Uncle jack who lives at Finch's landing and does not like how scout dresses


  6. Mrs. DuboseAdult friend of jem and scout. He house burns