Article One Quiz

RCHS Government
What was our nation's first Constitution?
Articles of Confederation
On what date was our nation's Constitution signed?
17 September 1787
How many members are there in the United States House of Representatives?
How many seats does Illinois currently have in the US House of Representatives?
What is the term of office for the US House of Representatives?
2 years
How many members are there in the United States Senate?
What is the term of office for a US Senator?
6 years
What day does Congress begin its term?
January 3rd
What is the primary duty of the Legislative Branch?
Make Laws
At noon on what date does the President take office?
January 20th
Who lives in the White House?
The President
Which has a minimum age of 25 years old to be elected?
US House of Representatives
Which has a minimum age of 30 years old to be elected?
US Senate
Has veto power over all legislation passed by Congress
Has the sole power to try impeachment cases?
US Senate
Which house of Congress has the Speaker as the presiding officer?
US House of Representatives
Which body has the primary duty of making laws?
Which house of Congress has the sole power of impeachment?
US House of Representatives
Which house of Congress has the authority to approve most Presidential appointments?
Who is the Current President of the US?
Donald J. Trump
Who are the US Senators for Illinois?
Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth
Who is the current Vice President?
Mike Pence
Who is the Representative of Illinois' 15th District?
John Shimkus
Who is the current Speaker of the House?
Paul Ryan
Who is the current President Pro-Tempore of the Senate?
Orrin Hatch
What do we call a proposed law?
a bill
After a bill is introduced into one of the houses of Congress, the bill is sent to the...?
appropriate standing committee
Before a law can be sent to the President it must go through a____________________ in order to work out differences.
Conference Committee
What is it called when a President holds a bill for 10 days w/o action and Congress is not in session?
Pocket Veto
Richland County is in what Congressional district?
Illinois 15th
Allows for the expansion of the Constitution without changing its language
Elastic Clause
The drawing of district boundaries for political advantage.
Refers to a two house legislature
The minimum number of members needed to conduct business
Actually changes the language of the constitution.
The people of a particular geographic area represented by a law making body..."the voters back home".
When is the General Election held?
The first Tuesday following the first Monday in November during even numbered years.
Who approves all appointments to the Federal bench? (judges)
The US Senate
How many states were required to ratify the Constitution in order for it to be the law of the land?
Outlines the basic goals of the Constitution
People elect their representatives.
Popular Sovereignty
the people establish the government & are the source of its power.
Separating power between national and state governments
A formal accusation of guilt
Limited Government
government powers are restricted to protect individual rights.
Pocket Veto
A means by which the president can reject a bill, when Congress is not in session, by not signing it.
After the census is taken, states must go through this process in order to create Congressional Districts of approximately the same population.
Political tactic whereby a political party uses apportionment for political gain.
Separation of Powers
Three branches - legislative, executive, judicial - each with their own authority.