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Saturday 12/8/20

Mucopurulent discharge
muCopurulent is Chlamydia
Common side effect of metronidazole?
Disulfiram like reaction (drinking on a metro will make you puke!)
How does pnumoccal sepsis present in sicklers?
variably, can be vague abdominal discomfort or pneumonia, etc.
Why may you get a bump in Cr from BPH? What test should you do to confirm?
Hydronephrosis-do an abdominal U/S
Hepatolenticular degeneration
Wilsons disease!
Trastuzumab (herceptin) should be preced by what test?
Echo due to its cardiotoxicity
Theophyline toxicity
flu like symptoms with arrhythmias.

Often exacerbated with use of cipro or erythromycin.
Complication of post term pregnancy?
Oligohydramnios - they are there too long and drink it all up!
Alternative treatmet for penicillin if allergic for syphilis?
Doxycycline or azithromycin
Most common cause of eleavated isolated alk phos in elderly?
What do red cells look like in autoimmune hemolytic anemai?
spherocytes! Have positive combs and no family history.
How does aldosterone affect H+?
Increases sodium in exchange for H and K so lowers H (makes you alkalotic) and a subsequent high HCO3
What infection causes constitutional symptoms and angioma-like skin lesions that bleed with biopsy?
Where does prostate cancer start enlarging? BPH?
Cancer - back/peripheral

BPH - central
What type of imaging do you do for retroperitoneal trauma?
Contrast CT
What is the cause of primary dysmennorrhea?
Too much prostaglandin
Erythematous pustules with eosinophils on biopsy in a new born?
Erythema toxicum (benign)
Most common glomerulopathy in Hodgkins disease? Carcinoma?
Hodgkin - Minimal change
Membranous - carcinoma
Sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV in a two by two table
Sen - A/A+C
Spec - D/D+B

Test on the left, Disease on the top
Most common cancer to metastasize to the head?
Melanoma! Goes to the melon! (Can be YEARS later!)
What type of hypersensitivity is poison Ivy?
Type IV
Best treatment for fibrmuscular dysplasia?
Renal artery angioplasty and stent placement
What neurotransmitter is responsible for restless leg syndrome?
dopamine (levels are low)
Which are risk factors for osteoporosis? Vegetarian, caffeine, alcohol, smoking
Alcohol and smoking
First thing to do after diagnosing SLE?
Renal biopsy!
What to do for asymptomatic hyperparathyroidism?
If <50 or abnormal lab values of significance, do surgical neck exploration!
How do you know severity of toxicity in TCA overdose?
Degree of QT prolongation
Persistent ST elevation after an MI
Ventricular aneurysm