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What are the direct object pronouns?

lo, la
los, las


Receive the action of the verb directly. Answers the questions - Who? or What?

What are the indirect object pronouns?



Receive the action of the verb indirectly. Answers the questions - To whom? or For whom?

Where do we put the object pronoun in the sentence?

Before the conjugated verb

What happens if there are two verbs and one is an infinitive?

1. The pronoun can go before the conjugated verb.
[Mis padres me van a dar un coche.]
2. The pronoun can be attached to the end of the infinitive.
[Mis padres van a darme un coche.]

What if the verbs are "estar" and a participle (gerund)?

1. The pronoun can go before the conjugated verb.
[Mis padres me están hablando.]
2.The pronoun can be attached to the end of the participle. Remember to add an accent!
[Mis padres están hablándome.]

Marta wrote a letter.

Marta la escribió.

The grown-ups bought a car for their son.

Los mayores le compraron un coche.

Diego called Lara last week.

Diego la llamó la semana pasada.

I was talking to you.

Estaba hablándote.
Te estaba hablando.

We went to buy the present.

Fuimos a comprarlo.
Lo fuimos a comprar.

You gave the present to your relatives.

Les diste el regalo (a tus parientes).

He mailed the letter to us.

Él nos echó la carta.

I was going to write you.

Yo iba a escribirte.
Yo te iba a escribir.

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