Formal powers
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White house chief of stafflike a secretary; who can meet the pres. & pres.'s schedule for exampleWhite house press secretaryInfo gathered to give to the publicOffice of management and budget (OMB)An office that grew out of the Bureau of the Budget; consisting of a handful of plitical appointees and hundreds of skilled professionals.National security council (NSC)Created in 1947 to coordinate the pres.'s foreign and military policy advisors.Council of economic advisors (CEA)A three-member body appointed by pres. to advise the pres. on econ. policyCabinetWhere 15+ people -advisors; 13 are secretaries- come to meet with the president to talk about the event going on in the country -what can help the country-Inner cabinetinner circle within a cabinet which includes only the ministersFiscal policyTerm used by the Gov. that watches the collection of taxes and spending to change the econ.DebtWhat is owed backDeficitThe amount by which something is too smallUS v. NixonA landmark in US Supreme Court; against Nixon due to the Watergate scandal that later had him resign from officeApproval ratingsA % determined by polls of a % of responses to an opinion poll who agree of a person or program22nd AmendmentPassed in 1951; limits the pres. to two terms in office25th AmendmentPassed in 1951; allows the Vise- Pres. to become acting pres. if both the vise and pres.'s cabinet say that the pres. is unable to workArticle IIOf the US Constitution created the executive branch of gov., consisting of the pres., vice pres., and other officers picked by the pres., including those of the CabinetElectoral collegeA body of people representing the states -liberty boxes!- of the US who cast votes for the election of the pres. and vice pres.ImpeachmentWhen the president is reported of abuse of power -with proof- is kicked out of the White HouseMandateAn official order or commission to do something; authority to carry out a policy or course of actionRecess appointmentIs the appointment by the pres./senior federal official while US Senate is in recessPowers of the vice presidentPres. of Senate, votes when there is a tie in the Senate; does the same thing that the pres. does -kinda like a shadow- and is always ready to take over should the current pres. be unable to workPresidential succession act of 1947The powers and duties of the office of the pres. if neither pres. or vice pres. is able to "discharge the powers and duties of the office"War powers resolution of 1973A law passed in reaction to American fighting in Vietnam and Cambodia, requiring pres. to talk with Congress whenever possible before using military force and to withdraw forces after 60 days unless Congress declares war or grants it.Affordable care act of 2010Federal stature signed into law in 3/2010 as part of the healthcare reform agenda of the Obama administration.WatergateEvents and scandal surrounding a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in 1972 & the cover up that involved the White House which led to Pres. Nixon to resign due to treat of an impeachment35Min. age to run for pres.