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Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerve 1
Olfactory, sensory nerve, smell.
Cranial Nerve 2
Optic, sensory nerve, vision.
Cranial Nerve 3
Oculomotor, motor nerve, moves eyes up and down and medially, raises eyelids and constricts pupils.
Cranial Nerve 4
Trochlear, motor nerve, moves eyes up and down.
Cranial Nerve 5
Trigeminal, mixed nerve, chewing, sensations from face, cornea and TMJ.
Cranial Nerve 6
Abducens, motor, abduct eyes.
Cranial Nerve 7
Facial, mixed nerve, facial expressions, closes eyes, tears, salivation, and taste.
Cranial Nerve 8
Vestibulocochlear, sensory, sensation of head movement, and position in relation to gravity, hearing.
Cranial Nerve 9
Glossopharyngeal, mixed nerve, taste, swallowing, salivation.
Cranial Nerve 10
Vagus, mixed nerve, regulates viscera ( internal organs ), speech, swallowing, and taste.
Cranial Nerve 11
Accessory, motor, shoulder elevation by innervations of the upper traps, turns head by innervations of SCM.
Cranial Nerve 12
Hypoglossal, motor, innervations of tongue.