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Plasma Membrane

external boundary of a cell; regulates flow of materials into and out of the cell


specialized structures in a cell that perform specific metabolic functions.


the structural and functional unit of all living things.


contains digestive enzymes of many varieties; "stomach of the cell"


scattered throughout the cell; major site of ATP synthesis.


slender extensions of the plasma membrane that increase its surface area


stored glycolgen granules, crystals, and pigments, and so on

Golgi Apparatus

membranous sustem consisting of flattened sacs and vesicles; packages proteins for export.


control center of the cell, necessary for cell division and cell life.


two rod-shaped bodies near the nucleus; the basis of cilia


dense darkly staining nuclear body; packaging site for ribosomes


contactile elements of cytoskeleton

Endoplasmic reticulum

membranous system that has "rough" and "smooth" varities


attached to membrane systems or scattered in the cytoplasm; synthesize proteins.


threadlike structures in the nucleus; contain genetic material (DNA)


site of detoxification of harmful chemicals

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