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In what way were the early Dutch and British exploration and trade projects different from those on the Iberian peninsula?

Dutch and British exploration owed much to private initiative of merchant groups and the formation of chartered trading companies

What was the nature of the trade between eastern and western Europe in the 17th century?

Western Europe imported grain in increasing amounts from eastern Europe in return for art objects and manufactured goods

Which of the following represents an impact of the development of colonies on western Europe?

The use of colonially produced sugar spread widely in Europe, particularly in countries with relatively cold climates

Why did the initiative in early conquest and exploration pass to northern nations in the later 16th century?

-The Dutch and British improved the design of oceanic vessels, producing faster ships than their Catholic rivals.

Which of the following statements concerning the interaction of North American colonists with the Indians is most accurate?

Colonists interacted with Indians, learned from the, and misused them, but did not forge a new cultural amaglam as ocurred in much of Latin America

Which of the following statements accounts for the Spanish failure to hold a position of dominance in world trade?

Spain's internal economy and banking system were not sufficient to accommodate the bullion from the new world, and the Iberian nation lacked significant manufacturing capability.

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the impact of the development of core-dependent economic zones on state formation?

Forced labor and European influence tended to generate weak governments in dependent regions, while increased trade revenues tended to generate increasing government strength in core states

what region in the Americas was claimed by Portugal?


The initiative for Western exploration and conquest came from the kingdom of


The British were able to oust the French from India following the

Seven Years War

What Italian captain sailing for the monarchs of Spain reached the Americas in 1492?

Christopher Columbus :{D

As part of the "Colombian Exchange," which of the following was a European contribution to the Americas?


How was the global trade network of the fifteenth century different from that of previous eras?

In previous eras, most attention was given to the development of larger regional economies and cultural zones, rather than a truly global network

What was the impact of the introduction of American crops to Europe?

The introduction of corn and the potato led to major population growth in Europe

What British commercial institution ruled india for much of the 18th century?

The British East India Company

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