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AP Chapter 21 Quiz

In what way did the trans-Saharan slave trade differ from that of the Atlantic slave trade?
The trans-Saharan slave trade concentrated on women, but the Atlantic slave trade concentrated on young men.
Why were Africans sought for plantation labor in the Americas?
West Africans were already familiar with metallurgy, herding, and intensive agriculture wheras Indians were not.
Which of the following statements concerning the ending of the slave trade is most accurate?
While it is true that legitimate products began to replace slaves in the European commerce with Africa, it is difficult to demonstrate a link between economic self-interest and the abolition of the slave trade.
In what manner did the Portuguese seize most of the slaves that were transported from Africa?
They traded for them with African rulers.
Which of the following statements concerning resistance to slavery is most accurate?
Recalcitrance, running away, and direct rebellion were present wherever slaves were employed.
One of the unique features of the East African coast that differed from west Africa was
the establishment of plantations producing cloves using African slave labor.
In 1652 what group established colony at the Cape of Good Hope?
the Dutch East India Company
Which of the following statements concerning the Portuguese presence in East Africa is most accurate?
Portuguese bases on Mozambique Mombassa, Sofala, and Kilwa gave them access to the gold trade of East Africa, but they were unable to completely disrupt the Muslim trade with the region.
Which of the following statements concerning the early Portuguese trade forts is most accurate?
Most of the forts were established with the agreement of license of local rulers.
How were the British colonies of the southern Atlantic coast of North America different from the Latin America colonies?
The British colonies depended less on imported Africans because of the positive rate of growth among the slaves.
Which of the following statements concerning the volume of the slave trade to the American colonies is most accurate?
The high volume of the slave trade was a necessity because slave mortality was high and fertility was low leading to a loss of slave population.
In what way did the European slave trade enable centralizing states to expand more rapidly?
Slaves were traded for firearms that allowed expanding states to overpower their neighbors, resulting in more slaves.
What European nation first established direct contact with black Africa?
What was the demographic impact of the slave trade on Africa?
The slave trade had the impact of skewing the population of central Africa in favor a disproportional number of women.
Which of the following statements about slavery in Europe before 1450 was most accurate?
Slavery had died out in the Middle Ages in most of Europe except along the military frontier between Christians and Muslims in the Mediterranean.
On the East Coast of Africa, the Swahili trading cities
continued their commerce in the Indian Ocean with both the Portuguese and the Ottoman Turks.