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Dundee Grade 6- The Three Questions and Elements of plot

The setting is outdoors in nature, some of the characters include Nikolai and talking animals, and a conflict is Nikolai's three questions.
When turtle smiles at Nikolai, he hints that he might know the answers later in the story.
Rising Action
A storm is just starting. Nikolai hears a cry for help and finds a panda whose leg has been injured.
We feel scared, anxious, and excited when we learn panda's child is missing and Nikolai rushes out of the house.
Running throught the dark and stormy forest, Nikolai discovers the cold, lost, and scared panda cub!
Falling Action
Nikolai returns the panda cub safe and sound to her mother's arms.
Nikolai finds the answers to his three questions after talking with turtle near the end of the story.
The main idea of the story is "How to live your life" or "How to act"