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  1. comparison between two different items that an author may use to describe, define, explain, etc. by indicating their similarities. Ex: "The asphalt softened, the lawns grew spidery brown, and the dogs crept like shadows."
  2. a writer uses this to minimize the obvious importance or seriousness of someone or something, assuming the audience knows the significance. Ex: "After a fireman saves a family, he says, 'Just doing my job.'"
  3. a question that a writer poses to the audience in which he/she does not expect an answer. Ex: "Got milk?"
  4. construction (word, phrase, another sentence) that is placed as an unexpected aside in the middle of the rest of the sentence. Ex: "His guitar (he always thought of it as his right arm) was missing again."

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  1. epithetused for emphasis or affirmation and asserts a point by denying the opposite. Ex: "Tornadoes are not unheard of in Nebraska during the summer." (when in fact they occur frequently)


  2. antithesistwo opposing ideas presented in a parallel manner. Ex: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."


  3. metonymya metaphor in which the actual subject is represented by an item with which it is closely related. Ex: "Today, the White House issued a statement congratulating Congress on its passage of the new energy bill."