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What therapy is landscape of action questions?

narrative therapy

What are landscape of action questions?

questions the therapist asks to gather information about the times in clients' lives that they were able to resist the effects of the problem

What therapy do landscape of meaning questions from?

narrative therapy

What are landscape of meaning questions?

questions to help clients consider a new more heroic self view

Leagues are also called?

communities of concern

What therapy model has leagues?

narrative therapy

What are leagues?

groups of clients who are working aon similar problems meet in order to continue to construct and maintain new narratives and to support each other's preferred outcomes

What theory is the term ledger from?


What does ledger mean?

an internal system in which the relative balance of debts and entitlements is kept.
Ideally there should be a balance between the repayment of the person's debt to the family of orgin and self-fulfillment

What theory is the term leveler from?

Satir's experiential family therapy

What is the leveler?

One of 5 communication styles. The leveler reacts appropriately to the situation in a flowing and authentic manner

What are levels of Intervention?

Targeting interventions at a specific family subsystem, such as the children or parents

Libidinal ego is from what theory?

object relations theory

What is the libidinal ego?

an exciting object gives rise to the libidinal ego

Libidinal system is from which theory?

object relations

What is a libidinal system?

a repressed system with the wgo characterized by need, excitement, and longing

What is linear casuality?

an assumption of cause and effect in which 1 event is thought to cause the next For example, in classical conditioning paradigm a particular stimulus elicits a specific response

Logical connotation is a development from what therapy model?

Milan systemic

What is logical connotation?

grew as the use of paradox declined. The therapist communicates that the development of a symptom is understandable given the context

What are longitudinal studies?

A research design in which subjects are followed across time, which often allows for greater certainity in casual inference than cross-sectional studies

What theory are love days from?

behavioral marital therapy

What are love days?

specific days one partner non-contingently increases those behaviors the other partner finds pleasurable

Loyalty is a central concept from what theory?

contextual theory

What is loyalty?

The internalized set of expectations injunctions and obligations deriving from interactionswith one's family of orgin

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