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  1. Black Bottom Stomp
  2. Stars and Stripes Forever
  3. Castle House Rag
  4. St. Louis Blues
  1. a Europe's Society Orchestra
  2. b Bessie Smith
  3. c Jelly Roll Morton
  4. d John Philip Sousa

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  1. Louis Armstrong
  2. F. Trumbauer Orchestra w/ Bix Beiderbecke
  3. Louis Armstrong and Orchestra
  4. Scott Joplin
  5. Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines

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  1. Dippermouth BluesKing Oliver's Creole Jazz Band


  2. Maple Leaf Rag (Swing)Jelly Roll Morton


  3. Singin' the BluesJelly Roll Morton


  4. Hotter Than ThatLouis Armstrong


  5. Grandpa's SpellsF. Trumbauer Orchestra w/ Bix Beiderbecke