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JBS D block quiz 1/9/10

Arabian Peninsula
Where 3 continents meet: Europe, Africa, Asia. People were Arab Nomads group into clans. Very little fetal land
Desert + town life
Desert: Arabs called Bedouins were strong warriors who learned how to live in the desert. TL: Some Arabs to live on fertile land and near the coast
Cross roads of trade
It was surrounded by trade routs and they went threw the Peninsula. Traded silk, spice, incense. Info ideas traveled with goods.
Holy city where religious pilgrims traveled. Linked with Abraham
Prophet born in Mecca. A orphan raised by relatives. Little Education.
The voice of the angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad in a cave outside of Mecca.
(Submission to the will of Allah) People who believed that Allah was the only God are Islamic.
(One who has submitted) People who follow Islamic teachings
Migration of Muhammad and his followers to Yathriv (Medina)
Return to Mecca
630 AD prophet + 10000 followers marched to Mecca. Took over and destroyed false idols. Meccan's mostly converted.
God according to Q+H
God is creator and sustainer. Gave people free choice.
Roles on Men + Women according to Q+H
Women should dress and behave modestly. Men should avoid temptation. H Teaches Woman should be treated kindly.
Muslim Behaviors
Defend don't Attack. Be pure share with those who have less. be forgiving+ merciful do not harm neighbor. Give hospitality. Care for widows.
Beautiful poetry written in Arabic. (Never to be translated) Meant to be heard. Revelation of Gods word to the prophet Muhammad.
Dome of the Rock
In Jerusalem, Earliest surviving Islamic monument. Completed 691 AD. Sight of Jewish temple. Where Muhammad ascended into heaven
Five Pillars of Faith
Faith, Prayer, Alms, Fasting, Pilgrimage
There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah's messenger.
Five time daily Muslims face Mecca and pray.
Muslims give money to the poor through special tax.
During month of Ramadan, Muslin don't eat between dawn and sunset.
All muslims who can go to Mecca at least once.
Way of Life
Carry out Five Pillars. No pork, No alcohol, worship on friday afternoons. No religious authority.
Sources of Authority
Allah- Angel Gabriel- Muhammad- Wrote down revelations= Qur'an
Sunna= Muhammad's example on how to live.
Shari'a= System of law