Magnetism Review AP Physics 2

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permeability of free spaceμ0=4πx 10^-7 T m/Aelectromagnetiron inside a solenoid, the magnetic field increases greatly because iron is a magnetmagnetic dipole momentM=NIAgalvanometercoil of wire suspended in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, when current flows the magnetic field exerts a torque on the loopmagnetic forceacts on charged particle moving through a field, direction of force is given by a RHRAmpere's Lawrelates the current in any shape wire and the magnetic field it producesinduced currentchanging in magnetic field can produce an electric currentElectromagnetic Inductionthe process of creating a current in a circuit by changing a magnetic fieldmagnetic fluxFlux=BAcosθunit of magnetic fluxWeber (W) 1Wb=1Tm^2Faraday's law of inductionThe emf induced in a circuit is equal to the rate of change of magnetic flux thought the circuit (E=- (△mag flux)/△ t) N loops (E=- N(△mag flux)/△ t)Lenz's LawA current produced by an induced emf moves in a direction so that the magnetic field created by that current opposes the original change in fluxemf induced in a moving conductoremf=(△mag flux)/△ t=Blvchanging magnetic flux produces an electric fieldE=vBelectric generatorTransforms mechanical energy into electric energy