BIS 202 EXAM 3

Finance Department needs which of the following documents before making a payment to a vendor?
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Which of the following master data is the most central data in the SAP system?material master dataSelect the Distribution Channels of GBI.internet wholesale retail storeWhich of the following SD organizational data describes the way of grouping materials, products or services?divisionMark the correct statement(s) about the GBI.GBI consists of two companies located in the US and Germany.Raw MaterialsGoods that are purchased for use in manufacturing to produce other products which, in turn, will be sold.Finished GoodsFinal goods to be sold.Trading GoodsGoods or materials that are purchased with the intent of resale.Semi-Finished GoodsGoods that are produced to be converted the finished goods in the future.Financial Accounting (FI) module of SAP is designed to collect transactional data that provides a foundation for preparing internal reports that support decision-making within the enterprise.falseLegal authorities, banks, auditors, shareholders and other related external entities are the target audience of Financial Accounting (FI) reports.true____________ is an organizational unit that represents a separate area of operations or responsibilities within an organization and to which value changes recorded in Financial Accounting can be area_______ is a financial statement that summarizes a company's assets, liabilities and equity for a specific period of time.balance sheetWhich of the following statements are CORRECT about the SAP Document Principle?- The SAP document principle provides a solid and important framework for a strong internal and external control system - a requirement of law for companies that operate in the United States and in most other countries in the world. - Each business transaction impacting FI writes data to the SAP database creating a uniquely numbered electronic document. - A financial document contains critical and necessary information such as responsible person, date and time of the transaction, and commercial content. - The document number can be used to recall the transaction at a later date.As a CO Master Data, ________ is responsible for revenue generation and cost containment.profit centerAs a CO Master Data, ___________ is a one-to-one linkage (mapping) between General Ledger expense accounts and it is established to permit the transfer of FI expense information to CO.cost elementWhich of the following Organizational Structure part describes an employee's position within the company?personnel structureAs a HCM process, __________ models the organizational structure of an enterprise.organizational managementAs a HCM process, ____________ is concerned with career planning and further training of employees. Career planning, succession planning and generating development plans are the subprocesses of this process.talent managementWhich of the following TWO concepts are the key terms summarizing the goals of an ERP system?integration and standardization________ are previously invested IT with a single focus. They are typically slow, nonextensible and nonintegatable. Given the lack of programmers who know these systems, they are also typically high cost to maintain.legacy information systemEnterprise Application Integration Systems (EAI) are more disruptive to organizational processes, roles and responsibilities than Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP).falseConfiguration refers to the changes done without changing the program code.trueAn ERP system forces organizations to follow certain processes called ________. These processes are developed based on lessons learned from so man high performing companies and they represent an ideal way of doing tasks.industry best practicesWhich of the following is correct about the cost of an ERP project?at least half of the project cost goes to humanwareAccording to a research discussed in the lecture, which of the following is the greatest challenge of ERP projects?customizationwhat are the layers of three-tier structure of SAP?presentation database applicationDefines the enterprise structure by means of legal or respective business usage. Examples are Company Code, Plant, Division and Storage Location.organizational dataOnce created, it rarely changes, but frequently is used in transactions. Examples are Customer Data, Material Data, and Vendor Data.master dataProcess related data that is short-lived. It is typically generated as a result of an activity. Examples are Quote, Sales Order and Purchase Order.transaction datastorewarehouse managementbuymaterials mangementmaintainenterprise asset managementsellsales and distributionpeoplehuman capital managementservicecustomer servicetrackfinancial integration and controllingmakeproduction planning