22 terms

Terrorist Organizations

i'm leaving this one open for anyone to edit, PLEASE if you see a mistake or something vague about your group, fix it!! these are my class notes, but i couldn't get everything.
located in Palestine, wants to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic state, opposes Al-Qaeda, and has a social, political, and governmental aspect
Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs
originated in Egypt, want to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic state, very disorganized, no association with the war on terror
a Shiia Muslim group active in Lebanon that wants to eliminate Israel that is funded by Iran, no association with Al-Qaeda
Egyptian Islamic Jihad
an Egyptian islamic group that established it as an Islamic state, accused of the bombing of coptic christians in Egypt. same goals as al-qaeda
an islamic terrorist group headquartered in Pakistan that has ties with Al Qaeda and the Taliban, are very anti India
formed by a rabbi in New York, where he and his sympathizers moved to Israel and are now known as Khane Chai
Kahene Chai
wants to expand Jewish rule in the west bank and expel the palestinians, and re-create Judea, a continuation of Kach
Chechnya Based Terrorists
founded in the 1990s after the fall of the soviet union, want to separate selves from Russia with an independent state, has ties with Al-Qaeda
Jemaah Islamiya
based in SE asia and indonesisa, want an Islamic state in the mostly-catholic philippines, liked to al-qaeda operations and recruiting
Abu Sayyaf
operate in the Philippines from 1991 to present, want an independent province in the phillipines, funded by Al-Qaeda
Tamil Tigers
based in Sri Lanka and southern India, want a homeland, invented the suicide vest, no associations with Al-Qaeda
Irish Republican Army
located in northern ireland, want that part (under british rule) to be under the Republic of Ireland, Catholics with no ties to al-qaeda
Loyalist Paramilitaries
located in N. Ireland, want to stay under the UK rule rather than be a part of the Republic of Ireland, mostly protestant
Aum Shinrikio
a Japanese cult that combines buddhism and hinduism, are obsessed with the apocalypse and are trying to make it happen so that they will be the only survivors, only ones to use biological terrorism
Basque Fatherland
an ethnic group in spain and france that want a homeland with a marxist government, no associations with al-qaeda
November 17
located in Athens, Greece, want to make Greece a communist government, inspired by a student uprising
Red Army Faction
located in Germany, want to recreate communism, act out violently against the German government that was percieved to still be facist
Kurdistan Workers Party
located mostly in turkey and a bit in Iraq, wanted an independent state, but are now more in favor of a political party in turkey, no affiliation with al-qaeda
a terrorist group in Colombia whose goal is to fight other insurgents in the area, get money from the drug trade and frequently displace citizens in rural areas
Shining Path/Tupac Amaru
want to overthrow the government of Peru because of the imperalist spanish tie, are mostly native Peruvians
an islamic group whose goal is to impose Islamic rule, based in somalia and control the capital, have an affiliation with al-qaeda (each support each other's work)
Armed Islamic Group
originated in Afghanistan, now want to establish an islamic government, have a loose affiliation with Al-Qaeda and the international jihad