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the best gasket material to use in cargo fuel oil lines is...
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when adding packing to a pump shaft seal, you must be careful to prevent...all of the abovewhen renewing spiral packing in a centrifugal pump stuffing box, after the packing is firmly seated, the packing gland nuts should be...loosened, and then retightened until they are only finger tightwhen replacing packing rings in the stuffing boxes of reciprocating pump piston rods, the ends of the rings should be cut....squarewhen repacking a reciprocating pump with more than four rings of packing, the packing is cut square, installed with he ends abutted, and each succeeding ring staggered with the butted ends....90 degrees apartwhy should the use of metallic or semi metallic packing hooks or pullers be avoided on bronze or brass shafts, rods, plungers, or sleeves?scoring may resultheavy wear in a particular area of the inner circumference of a packing ring may be caused by...badly worn bearingsone of the many troubles occurring with centrifugal pump shaft packing is the excessive wear on the rings nearest the packing gland while the rings nearest the impeller remain in good condition. this wear may be caused by...improper adjustment of the gland nutsone of the many problems occurring with centrifugal pump shaft packing is the excessive wear on the rings nearest the packing gland. if the rings nearest the impeller remain in good condition during the same operating period, the wear is most likely caused by...over tightening of the packing in one adjustmentexcessive wear on the packing rings nearest the pump packing gland, while the rings nearest the impeller remains in good condition, is caused by....failure to insert and individually seat the rings, one ring at a time.charring or glazing of the inner circumference of the packing rings in a centrifugal pump, is caused by...insufficient lubrication of the packingthe knife edges and gaskets of watertight doors should beclean and uncoatedthe needle valve shown in the illustration is held in the test valve body by a .....machine screw threata gate valve installed in a piping system/pipeline should be either fully closed or fully open positionwhich valve needs to be in a fully open/closed position?gate valvethe illustrated valve is recommended for either fully opened or fully closedif used for regulating fluid flow through a piping system, which of the valves listen could be damaged?gate valvegate valves should not be used for throttling as.....wire drawing of the disk will resultwhat type of valve is shown in the illustration?gate valve/rising gatecompared to globe and angle valves, gate valves....operate with little or no pressure drop when fully opened.when in the completely opened position, which of the listen types of valve will offer the least resistance to flow?gate valvean inverted gate valve may be subject to wear sooner than a similar valve installed in the upright position because...sediment collects in the bonnetgate vales should not be used for throttling as....damage to seating surfaces will occurwhich of the following statements is true concerning the valve shownthe valve is a non rising stem diagramon tankers using manually operated tank valves, the deck hand wheel indicator registers the....approximate number of turns the tank valve has been openedon vessels using reach rods to manually control the tank valves, one turn of the hand wheel on deck will produce how many turns of the valve stem at the valve?one turnon takers with manually operated tank valves, the type of valve most commonly used is the...gate valvea non rising steam gate valve opened to the end of the last opening turn, then rotate the hand wheel in the closing direction by appx 1/4 of a turnthe illustrated valve is knows as a .... (picture)swing check valvea swing check valve is used in a pipeline to...disassemble the valve and renew the replaceable valve disk seat.the vale which is most suited for regulating the flow through a pipeline is a ....globe valvethe valve best suited for throttling gas or liquid flow in a pipeline is a.....globe valvewhich os the valves listen below is best suited for throttling services?globethe use of a needle valve in a piping system is recommended when requiring....close regulation or flowan 8 inch globe type, stop check valve has been installed in the lube oil cooler water outlet, with the flow coming in from the top of the disk. this means that.....the valve will never permit water flow from the lube oil coolerwhich of the following statements represents the paper relative direction of flow through a globe valve?direction of flow should be from below the seat."Prussian blue" is commonly used....when inspecting valve seat contactPrussian blue is used toallow flow in one direction onlywhich list on valves listen below permits flow in only one direction?check valvewhich of the following statements regarding the illustrated device is true?the valve disk alone can be removed for replacement or reconditioninga stop check valve is a type of check valve that.....can only control the amount of flow in one directionyou would open the illustrated valve A by....turning the hand wheel clockwise, as viewed from the topthe illustrated valve A needs to be repaired due to a leak. you.....first fully loosen part #8, then turn the hand wheel clock wise to separate the bonnet from the bodysmall irregularities on the seat and disk of a globe valve may be manually repaired with the valve in place by the process known as.....lappingwhich on the following statements describes the throttling characteristics of a typical globe valve?the first third of valve disk travel in the open direction will produce a greater increase in flow rate Thant he last third of the valve disk travelwhen comparing globe valves to gate valves, globe valves......require LESS force to open against large differential pressureswhen comparing gate valves to globe valves, gate valves......require MORE force to open against large differential pressuresto verify the position of a fully opened manual valve in an operating system, the operator should operate the valve hand wheel:in the closed direction, then open the valve to its previously open positionthe seat of a butterfly valve will most likely be constructed of ....resilient materiala valve depicted in the illustration shown is a.....butterfly valvewhich of the following statements concerning butterfly valves is correct?to close the valve, it is only necessary to turn the handle of a quarter of a turn.which of the valves will be cycled from fully open to fully closed when the handle is turned 90 degreesa butterfly valvethe valve illustrated is to be constructed so that the....operating lever is parallel to the flow when open and perpendicular to the flow when closedthe illustrated valve is....quickly opened by moving the control lever by one quarter of a turnwhich of the following conditions can develop is a valve with a badly scored valve steam is repacked?leaking and premature failure of the packingexcessive leakage and premature failure of the valve packing is a result of....a scored valve systeman eroded globe valve disk can be repaired by...taking a light cut in a lathethe best tool to use when attempting to widen the opening of a flanged joint in preparation for renewing the gasket is a....flange spreader