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Anatomy Chapter 7 Study Guide

pectoral girdle
Which of the following is not a part of the axial division of the skeletal system?
all of the above
Which of the following is a function of the axial skeleton?
The foramen magnum would be found in the _______ bone.
The suture that forms the articulation of the two parietal bones is the ______suture.
frontal, parietal, and occipital
The calvaria is formed by the ____ bones.
Each of the following bones contributes to forming the orbit, except the _____ bone.
temporal and zygomatic
The zygomatic arch is formed by the union of processes from which two bones?
The external auditory meatus is found in the _______ bone.
mastoid process
The prominent bulge just posterior and inferior to the external auditory meatus is the
vomer and sphenoid bone
The bony portion of the nasal septum is formed by the
supraorbital foramen
Each of the following landmarks is associated with the occipital bone except the
muscles that close the mouth
The superior and inferior temporal lines mark the points of attachment for
tear glands
What would you find located in the lacrimal fossa?
mastoid process
A point of attachment for muscles that rotate or extend the head is the
styloid process
Ligaments that support the hyoid bone are attached to the
stylomastoid foramen
The facial nerve passes through the
mandibular notch
The structure that separates the condylar and coronoid processes of the mandible is the
mandibular fossa
The lower jaw articulates with the temporal bone at the
sella turcica
Each of the following is associated with the temporal bone, except the
The hypophyseal fossa or sella turcica contains the ______ gland.
lateral masses
Each of the following structures is associated with the sphenoid bone except the
crista galli
Membranes that stabilize the position of the brain are attached to the
both A and C
The bony roof of the mouth is formed by the ______ bone(s).
mental foramina
Nerves carrying sensory information from the lips and the chin pass through the
mandibular foramen
A nerve that carries sensory information from the teeth and gums of the lower jaw passes through the
all of the above
The hyoid bone
The bone that serves as a bridge uniting the cranial and facial bones is the
The nasal complex consists of all of the following bones except the
cause air to swirl within the nasal passageway
The superior and middle conchae
The paranasal sinuses are located in all of the following bones except the
Their mucous secretions help dehumidify and cool incoming air in the paranasal cavities
Which of the following statements about the functions of the paranasal sinuses is false?
the bones of the skull develop from a single ossification focus
Each of the following statements concerning the development of the skull is true, except that
allow for compression of the skull during childbirth
The role of the fontanel is to
cervical and lumbar
The four curves of the adult spinal column are not all present at birth. Which of the following are the secondary curves, or those that do not appear until several months later?
An exaggerated lateral curvature is termed
The vertebral column contains _______ cervical vertebrae.
The odontoid process is found on the
seventh cervical
The verterbra prominens is another name for the _______ vertebra.
Costal processes are located on ______ vertebrae.
The vertebrae column contains _______ thoracic vertebrae.
facets for the articulation of ribs
Thoracic vertebrae can be distinguished from other vertebrae by the presence of
The vertebral column contains ______ lumbar vertebrae
The sacrum is composed of ______ fused vertebrae.
3 to 5 fused
The coccyx is composed of _______ vertebra(e).
articulates with the first pair of ribs
All of the following are true of the sacrum, except that it
transverse process
The ribs articulate with the _____ of the vertebrae.
Humans normally have ________ pairs of ribs.
thoracic vertebrae
The costal groove would be found on
The portion of the sternum that articulates with the clavicles is the
they have an inflexible connection at the sternum
All of the following are true of the ribs, except that
The axial skeleton is composed of _____ bones.
The skull contains ____ bones.
The cranial cavity is a ______ cavity that cushions and supports the brain.
both A and B
The role(s) of the sinuses include(s)
the mandible and the cranium
Sutures can be found at all of the joins of an adult skull except between
loss of motor control over back and neck muscles
Tim sustains injury to the medulla oblongata. You would expect him to exhibit
You witness two of your friends in a fight. Your friend Gregg is hit in the jaw and when looking at him, his face looks mis aligned. You immediately take him to the local emergency room and are not surprised to learn that he has a broken