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How does the EMT-B control bleeding in a skull fracture?
1. Do not attempt to stop the flow of blood
2. Loosely cover bleeding site with sterile gauze if cerebrospinal fluid is present.
How many straps does it take to secure a patent?
use at least 3 straps across.
What are the clinical signs of labored breathing?
Use of accessory muscles
supracavicular retractions
gasping attempts to breath
A patient breathing with reduced tidal volume will have respiration's that are:
In responsive patients that are older than 1 year of age, you should palpate the pulse at the __________artery:
When palpating a patient's pulse, you note that there is a short interval in between pulsations. This indicates that the pulse is:
A normal pulse should feel:
Strong and regular.
A patient with high blood pressure would be expected to have skin that is:
flushed and red
Cyanosis of the skin is caused by:
Decreased blood oxygen
Poor peripheral circulation will cause the skin to appear:
When you assess capillary refill time (CRT) in an infant, normal color to the tested area should return within:
2 seconds
In patients with deeply pigmented skin, changes in color may be apparent only in certain area such as the:
Mucous membranes
The pressure exerted against the walls of the artery when the left ventricle contracts is called the:
Systolic pressure
While evaluating a patient with chest pain, your partner tells you that the patients blood pressure is 140/94 mm Hg. The lower represents the pressure the:
Ventricles relaxing
when taking a patient's blood pressure in an upper extremity, the diaphragm of the stethoscope is normally placed over which artery?
You can auscultate a patient's blood pressure by:
Deflating a blood pressure cuff while listening with a stethoscope to the return of blood flow through the brachial artery.
When you use the palpation method to obtain a blood pressure, the measurement you obtain is the:
systolic blood pressure
When assessing a 62 yof with crushing chest pressure, you note that her pulse is rapid and irregular. In addition to administering oxygen, you should:
Transport at once and consider requesting a paramedic unit.
an elderly patient has fallen and hit her head. You assess her level of consciousness as unresponsive using the AVPU scale. Your initial care should focus on:
Airway, Breathing and Circulation
the_________is both the mechanical weight-bearing base of the spinal column and the fused central posterior section of the pelvic girdle.
the EMT-B may injure his or her back, even if it is straight, if the:
Back is bent forward at the hips.
Safe lifting of a patient on a cot involves what?
1. Hands are held close to the legs
2. shoulder is aligned over the pelvis
3. force is exerted straight down thespine
when carrying a patient on a backboard up or down stairs:
Keep the head end elevated