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anterior fontanel

While visiting your friend who recently gave birth, she comments on her new child's soft spot. You think to yourself that the correct term for the "soft spot" is

checks the anterior fontanel for depression

While volunteering in an outpatient clinic for underprivileged families in your neighborhood, you observe the nurse assessing an infant. The mother had complained about the baby not eating and having several episodes of diarrhea lasting 3 days. You know the nurse suspects possible dehydration when she


The moth significant skull growth occurs before the age of


The term for undersized head is


_____ curves of the spin occur late in fetal development.

vertebral body

The part of the vertebrae that transfers weight along the axis of the vertebral column is the


Most mammals have _____ cervical vertebrae.


A notched spinous process is said to be

they bear little weight

All of the following are true of lumbar vertebrae except that

all of the above

The sternum contains


Ossification of the sternum is not complete until at least age

both A and C

While performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an unconscious person, you are careful to position your hands correctly to avoid damage to the

all of the above

Movements of the rib cage are important to the body because they aid in


Tuberculum is to tubercle as capitulum is to


Of the following bones, which is unpaired?

temporal bone

The styloid, process, zygomatic process, and auditory ossicles are associated with the


The membranous areas between the cranial bones of the fetal skull are


The hyoid bone is suspended by _____ ligaments.

support the larynx

The function of the hyoid is to

foramen magnum

Identify the structure the occipital bone surrounds


Fibrous connective tissue called _____ permits skull growth in infants.

coccyx are fused

Vertebrae of the

most; least

Lumbar vertebrae are _____ massive and ______ mobile.


A bent nasal septum that slows or prevents sinus drainage is known clinically as a _____ septum.

lacrimal bones

The smallest facial bones are termed

inferior and superior nuchal lines

Ridges that intersect the occipital crest are termed

Hypoglossal; hypoglossal

_______ nerves pass through the ______ canals.

accommodate the thoracic and abdominopelvic viscera

The primary spinal curves

last thoracic and first two lumbar vertebrae

After a hard fall, compression fractions or compression / dislocation fractures most often involve the

helps to hold the head in an upright position

The ligamentum nuchae


The thickest intervertebral discs are found in the ____ region.


Damage to the temporal bone would most likely affect the sense of

all of the above

The mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses will increase mucus production in response to

the skull would be heavier

If there were no paranasal sinuses, all of the following would be true, except

a long and narrow head

Premature closure of the sagittal suture would result in

moves forward when a person sits

Which of the following statements is true concerning the coccyx

A and B only

As your proceed from the head down the vertebral column

a headache

While playing softball, Gina is struck in the frontal squama by a wild pitch. Which of the following complaints would you expect her to have?

ethmoid bone

Mick gets into a fight and sustains a blow to the nose. Which of the following bones might be fractured by this blow?

his sense of smell.

In a car accident, Tom suffers a fracture of the alveolar process of his maxillae. As a consequence of this injury he loses

condylar process of the mandible

As the result of an accident, Bill suffers a dislocated jaw. This injury would involve the

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