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Global Affairs "Imperialism"


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Spanish-American War
This was a conflict in which the U.S. gained many island territories, especially Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
This is a policy of countries to extend their political and economic control over distant lands.
Boxer Rebellion
This was a violent movement against non-Chinese political, religious and technological influence in China in the late 19th century.
This is the name given a warlike, belligerent stance that urges the "bullying" of other countries in order to benefit the person's own country. It is associated with the Age of Imperialism, particularly the Spanish-American War.
Phillipine Annexation
Pacific island nation that came under American imperial control after the Spanish-American War.
Russo-Japanese War
Japanese victory in this 1904-05 war established the nation as a world power and expanded their imperial territory.
This tiny island island became a territory of the United States following the Spanish American War.
Opium Wars
This is the name given to the 19th century conflict between Britain and China, which centered around a dispute between a specific and illegal good being imported into China by English merchants.
White Man's Burden
This 1899 poem by Rudyard Kipling not only seems to endorse imperialism but also became the name for a concept regarding the perceived "duty" of Western countries towards the rest of the world.