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Cerebral Hemispheres

central sulcus

precentral gyrus (primary motor area)

postcentral gyrus (primary sensory area)

longitudinal fissure

lateral sulcus

frontal lobe

parietal lobe

temporal lobe

Transverse fissure

occipital lobe

Parieto-occipital sulcus


cerebral cortex gray matter

cerebral cortex white matter


olfactory bulbs

olfactory tracts

optic nerves

optic chiasma

optic tracts

pituitary gland

mammillary bodies

Brain Stem

cerebral peduncles

corpora quadrigemina

medulla oblongata

decussation of pyramids


cerebral cortex - gray matter

commissures - white matter

corpus callosum

septum pellucidum

lateral ventricles

interventricular foramen

Caudate nucleus

Lentiform nucleus



pituitary (hypophysis)

hypophyseal fossa

pineal body

choroid plexus

third ventricle

cerebral aqueduct

corpora quadrigemina

medulla oblongata

fourth ventricle


arbor vitae

dura mater

periosteal layer

meningeal layer

falx cerebri in longitudinal fissure

superior sagittal sinus

transverse sinus

straight sinus

tentorium cerebelli

subdural space

arachnoid mater

arachnoid villi

subarachnoid space

choroid plexus

A highly vascular portion of the lining of the ventricles that secretes cerebrospinal fluid.

interventricular foramina

between the lateral ventricles and the 3rd ventricle in the brain, helps transport CSF

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