Unit 11 Angela Adofo

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PD Symptoms: Exhibit unacceptable behavior according to society. They don't see they have a problem so they don't want help. Impaired social functioning

a. Schizoid Personality: Detached person from social relationships
Symptoms: Does not desire close relationships, including being apart of their family, likes to be alone, lacks close friend, shows emotional coldness, (detached from relationships) no interest in sex A person must exhibit 4 symptoms to have this disorder

b. Paranoid Personality: A person who has a pervasive distrust towards others, suspicious
Symptoms: THinks others are avoiding them or hurting them, reluctant to confide in others, reads hidden or threatening messages in others remarks, bears extreme grudges, have a unreasonable suspicion about their spouse A person must exhibit 4 symptoms to have this disorder

c. Narcissistic Personality: A person who has a grandiosity belief
Symptoms: Fantasies of success, believes that they are special, requires successive admiration, has a sense of entitlement, exploits people in their personality within interpersonal relationships, lacks empathy, often envious of others or believes others are envious of them, arrogant. A person must exhibit 5 of the symptoms to have this disorder

d. Borderline Personality Disorder: Instability of personality
Symptom: Frantic efforts to avoid ABANDONMENT, interpersonal relationships that are unstable, have bad self-image, very impulsive with one or more spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating, recurring suicidal thoughts, effective instability, difficulty controlling anger

e. Antisocial/sociopath Personality: Person who has a pattern of disregard for others
Symptoms: failure to conform to social norms (breaks the law), deceitful, Impulsivity, Irritable, get into fights, reckless disregard to safety of themselves and others, irresponsible, lack of remorse You have to be 18 to be diagnosed with this