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This asks tester to pick an option that satisfies all rules from previous section. Difficult bc you have to memorize 9 rules, so write rules down as you go if given paper, if not, concentrate and memorize.

Grammar Rules-

1- Adjective comes after its respective noun
2-Both the adjective and its respective noun will end with the same vowel sound.
3- Never include articles in a sentence
4- Possessor always comes after the possession
5- That which is being possessed always ends with either a "u" sound (like "mute"), or an "a" sound (like "hay")
6- The possessor always ends with a short "i" sound (like meet)
7- The subject has an "aa" sound (like "mall") in the middle of the word.
8- The object always ends with a long "a" sound (like "day")
9- Verbs always begin with a "ya" sound and never end with an "s".

Ex- Translate "Tim threw the white ball"
Answer- Tiaam yathrew balla whitea

*Key skill- the ability to break the sentence down into a noun, verb, adjective, possessor, possession, object and subjects is critical*

*Important to remember- When the test tells you the sentence that is going to be translated, quickly break that sentence apart into SUBJECT, VERB, OBJECT, POSSESSOR and POSSESSION. Then translate the words so that you can hear in your mind what the correct option should sound like. *

*In most cases, the subject will be one of the first words in the option sentences. If you do not hear the long "aa" sound (like "mall"), quickly stop listening and prep for next sentence. Doing this enables process of elimination*

* In most cases, the verb directly follows a subject, so after identifying the subject and ensuring it meets the grammar rule, you should next ensure the "ya" is in the verb and the verb does not end with "s". *

Follow the strategies above bc although they do not work 100% of the time, you hear the sentence being translated prior to hearing the options