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  1. detrimental
  2. flagrant
  3. consort
  4. festoon
  5. vulgar
  1. a to drape or adorn
  2. b noticeably bad or offensive
  3. c causing damage or harm; injurious
  4. d to keep company; associate
  5. e of the common people

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  1. impatient of control, restraint, or delay
  2. menacing; threatening
  3. undeveloped; very basic or simple
  4. overbearing pride
  5. of or related to a wild celebration

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  1. Godspeedsuccess or fortune


  2. eradicateto remove or destroy utterly; extripate


  3. auspiciousfollowed by favorable circumstances


  4. loquaciousfollowed by favorable circumstances


  5. insinuateto remove or destroy utterly; extripate