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  1. befuddle
  2. insinuate
  3. hubris
  4. Godspeed
  5. facetious
  1. a to suggest in an indirect or subtle fashion
  2. b to confuse, as with glib statements or arguments
  3. c success or fortune
  4. d humorous; jocular
  5. e overbearing pride

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  1. a warning; notice
  2. talkative; trivial conversation
  3. undeveloped; very basic or simple
  4. noticeably bad or offensive
  5. an area of interest, activity or authority

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  1. conundrumto keep company; associate


  2. auspiciousacting on whims; impulsive


  3. jejunenothing interesting; rudimentary


  4. flamboyantintend to attract attention; showy


  5. Bacchicof or related to a wild celebration