10 terms

Year 8 Types of Energy

Gravitational Potential Energy
This is energy due to its height (high up energy). If you do work on an object against gravity it gains this type of energy. An example is ski lift.
This is simply energy delivered by electrical wires, by moving charges. An example is the energy used by a motor.
Energy of sound - produced by vibrations. An example is a loudspeaker.
Energy transferred from hot objects. This can be by conduction, convection and radiation. An example is an oil filled radiator.
This is energy transferred by visible light. A bulb gives out light energy and is a good example.
Elastic Potential Energy
Energy stored in a stretched or compressed object. An example is a bow and arrow.
Energy that can be released in a chemical reaction. This includes energy from food released in respiration and fuels in combustion. Batteries are another example of chemical energy.
Energy stored in an atomic nucleus. It can be released in a nuclear power station.
This is energy of movement. Faster objects or objects with more mass have more K.E. An example is a car.
Energy Transformation
The change of energy from one form to the others. An example is a candle burns its chemical energy to light and heat.