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Bertschi North America

Who were the Queen Charlotte islands named after?
After King George III's wife, Charlotte
The Haida don't call them the Queen Charlotte islands. They call their islands
Islands of the People; Islands coming out of concealment
How are the Haida Chiefs chosen?
They choose them through a Matrilineal system
What is the Matrilineal system?
A social system in which family inheritance rights are traced through the mother's side of the family
What do Totem Poles reveal about the Haida?
Totem polses tell family stories/histories
What are Button Blankets?
They are used in ceremonies; they represent the family crest or clan
How is it determined that you are part of either the Eagle Tribe or Raven Tribe?
It is determined by whether your mother is an Eagle or Raven? (Matrilineal)
The first people were created by what trickster animal?
The Raven
The Raven is:
a trickster character found in Haida folk tales.
What is a Potlatch Pole ring?
It is a ring carved into a pole that is reward for hosting a Potlatch Ceremony where your family gave all of its material wealth to friends and extended family.
What is an Inuksuit or Inuksuk?
It is a "mound" of rocks used to locate migrating animals; or it is used as a signpost for traveling humans (Canadian)
Who was Eric the Red?
A Viking who was annished from Iceland for Murder; he founded Greenland.
Who was Leif Ericson?
He was the son of Eric the Red; he discovered Vinland; present day Canada (Newfoundland)
What is Lanse aux Meadows?
It is the only known landing or short settlement of the Vikings in North America
Who was John Cabot?
He was an Italian navigator; sailed for the British; finds South East coast of Canada (1497)
Who was Jacques Cartier?
He found the Gulf of Saint Lawrence (1534)
Who was Samuel de Champlain?
He founded Quebec City in 1608
What was the Treaty of Paris?
Written in 1763 at the end of the French and Indian War; the British got New France or Canada as war bounty.
Who did the French and Indians fight in the French and Indian War?
The British and Indians; both had Indian allies or friends
What did the Quebec Act of 1774 allow the French Canadians?
It allowed French Canadians to continue pracitcing Catholicism?
What does Canada mean?
It is an Algonquin word for "group of huts"
What did the Constitution Act of 1791 do?
It divided Canada into two parts, Upper and Lower Canada
Where is Upper Canada?
Where is Lower Canada?
What did the Act of Union do?
It united Lower and Upper Canada
What did the British North America Act do in 1867?
It created the Dominion of Canada
Who led the Metis Rebelion?
Louis Riel
Who is a Metis?
A person of mixed heritage (French/Amerindian)
Who is a Mestizo?
Spanish for Mixed heritage (Spanish/Amerindian)
Who is Mulatto?
person of mixed African and European heritage
What is another name for the Canadian Pacific Railway?
Intercontinental Railroad
What did the Statute of Westminster provide for Canad?
Independence of Canada from Britain; no revolution; part of the British Commonwealth
When did the Canadians get their Bill of Rights?
Compared to other countries, the land mass of Canada makes it . . .
the second largest country in the world
How many Provinces does Canada have ?
How many territories does Canada have?
Which Canadian province is the Newest Province?
Newfoundland and Labrador; one Province
Whic Territory is the newest territory in Canada?
What are the two official languages of Canada?
French and English
Who were the First Peoples/Nations in Canada?
Amerindians and the Inuit
Who are designated the Second People in Canada?
Who are designated the Third People?
What does Quebec Secession mean?
Quebec wanted to become a Sovereign Nation
Where is Vinland? Who named it that?
North America; named by Leif Ericson
What was New England's main religion? (American Coloniest)
Protestant Christianity
What was New France's main religion?
Roman Catholic Christianity
Who invented the Unitformity system?
Eli Whitney
Who invented the Flying Shuttle?
John Kay
Who is considered the Father of the Industrial Revolution?
Sir Richard Arkwright
Who invented the Spinning Jenny?
James Hargreaves
What are the four parts of the Uniformity System?
Interchangeable Parts; Mass Production; Assembly Line; Division of labor
These inventions: the Flying Shuttle, Spinning Jenny and the Waterframe spelled the "death" of the:
Cottage Industry
The cottage industry had the following characteristics:
work done in a cottage; work was decentralized in the country (rural); items were made by hand; the system was inefficient
The factory system had the following characteristics:
work don in a factory; work was centralized in an urban (city) setting; the system was powered by water; the system worked like clockwork.
The Sioux are also known as the . . .
Sioux means friend while Lakota means:
Desperate Amerindians believed that the Ghost Dance
would bring back their way of life, culture.
Those who participated in the Ghost Dance wore
a special shirt that they believed was impenetrable by bullets.
One massacre of Amerindians in the US was at
Wounded Knee.
In order to fight social injustice, Amerindians in the US
created the AIM or the American Indian Movement.
After Congress passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830
The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek, Choctow wer forced from their land in the South Eastern region of the USA.
The Removal Act led to
The Trail of Tears.
Segregation means
Segregation during the Civil Rights Movement in the USA meant
separation of blacks and whites.
Segregation in the US was sometimes called
Jim Crow.
The book The Help was about
black maids working for whites in Jackson, Mississippi.
In The Help, when the black maids told their stories
they gained a voice in the Civil Rights Movement.
Some laws during segregation were:
separation at swimming pools, water fountains, on busses, in courtrooms, in schools, at lunch counters
In order to overthrow the Jim Crow laws, black children
marched and went to jail for justice.
Martin Luther King, Jr., practiced
Active Non-Violence in order to overthrow segregation laws.
Active Non-Violence examples are . . .
marches, sit-ins, going to jail, petitions
Segregation in the US is like . . .
Apartheid in South Africa.
Who were the Olmec?
an Amerindian group in Mexico
Another name for the Olmec was . . .
the Rubber People because they learned how to tap the rubber trees for rubber
One possible migration theory about the Olmec
they traveled across the ocean in boats from the continent of Africa
The Toltec had a story about a legendary king named
Quetzalcoatl means . . .
Feathered Serpant
Quetzal birds provided
feathers for the "kings" headress and clothes
When the Spaniards came to Mexico the destroyed the Aztec books called:
The Codices were written in a
pictographic language.
Montezuma was
the leader of the Aztec
Hernando Cortez
was the conquistador from Spain who conquered the Aztec
The Aztec possibly thought that Cortez
was the returning Quetzalcoatl of Toltec legend
The Maya
were the greatest ancient American Civilization.
The Maya invented a calendar that
had two parts. An everyday calendar with 365 days and a sacred calendar with 260 days.
MesoAmerica means:
Central America or "between the Americas" or Middle America
Don Miguel Hidalgo
was the Father of Independence in Mexico
Benito Juarez
was sometimes called the Abe Lincoln of Mexico because he helped Amerindians and the poor gain political and civil rights.
Santa Anna is best known in the US
for fighting at the Alamo.
Diego Rivera
famous muralist who painted the history of Mexico on the walls of the National Palace.
Frida Kahlo
Married to Diego RIvera. She was a famous Mexican painter. She was injured in a car accident and painted many famous self-portraits from her bed.
Bon Jour is french for
Good Day or Good Morning!
Buenos Dias is Spanish for
Good Day or Good Morning!
NAFTA stands for
North American Free Trade Agreement
NAFTA is an economic agreement between
Canada, Mexico and the US
NAFTA removes tarrifs
between North American countries.
The North American countries are:
Mexico, the USA, and Canada
Sometimes NAFTA has been blamed for
sweatshops in Mexico.
A tariff is similar to
a tax.
Canada has provinces, but Mexico has
What religion was brought to Mexico by the Spanish Conquistadors and Spanish priests?
Christianity: Roman Catholicism
What system replaced the Cottage Industry?
The Factory System