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history, montheism

All three monotheistic religions trace their roots back to him
polytheistic, Ur
Abraham was _______ (religon) and was born in _______
(Bible) an agreement between God and his people in which God makes certain promises and requires certain behavior from them in return
Sarah's servant, the mother of Ishmael
Ishmael fathers ___ sons, the ___ tribes of Arab
Last test of faith
Abraham has to kill one of his sons
oldest monotheistic religion of three....people most abused and subjugated
wailing wall
a wall in Jerusalem, A remnant of the retaining wall that underlay the Temple in Jerusalem
Jewish equivalent of bible. Made up of the Book of Genesis,
Jesus was born in _______
Pontius Pilate
Roman Governer who sentenced Jesus to death
christians- jesus was messiah jews- influential rabbi
fundamental difference between jews and christians
bible, code of conduct, human element, afterlife, legal in rome, christian church started providing services that roman goverment used to provide
factors contributing to christianitys success
Nicene Creed
declared that Jesus and God became "of the same substance" after his death
Arian Christians
disagreed and the religion fractured into two large sections
Petrine Theory
statement made by the church which said that the Pope is the direct descendant of St. Peter and is therefore the legitimate head of the Catholic Church
Born to family of nomadic, idol worshipping cattle herders centered around Mecca the center of Bedouin religion was the idols found in the Kaaba
the territory God promised to Israelites
a savior sent by God to redeem people from the power of sin and everlasting death and to restore them to God's friendship
destroyed famous jewish temple
Old testament
jewish history
new testament
teachings of jesus
edict of milan
made christianity legal in western empire