Glencoe Health Chapter 10: Skills For Healthy Relationships

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predjudicean unfair opinion or judgment about a particular group of peopletolerancethe ability to accept others' differences and allow them to be who they are without expressing disapprovalconstructive criticismnon-hostile comments that point out problems and encourage improvementconflictany disagreement, struggle, or fightinterpersonal conflictsdisagreements between groups of any size, from two people to entire nationsconflict resolutionthe process of solving a disagreement in a manner that satisfies everyone involvednegotiationthe use of communication and often compromise to settle a disagreementmeditationa process in which specially trained people help others resolve their conflicts peacfullyconfidentialyrespecting the privacy of both parties and keeping details secretpeer mediatorsstudents trained to help other students find fair resolutions to conflicts and disagreements