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Chapter 46: Breathing and Respiratory Volumes


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Breathing can also be called
Atmospheric Pressure
The weight of air causes a force called
760 mm
The weight of air at sea level is sufficient to support a column of mercury within a tube at what pressure?
Phrenic Nerves
Nerve impulses that are carried to the diaphragm by the
When the diaphragm contracts, the size of the thoracic cavity
External Intercostal Muscles
The ribs are raised by contraction of the
Visceral Pleura
Only a thin film of lubricating serious fluid separates the parietal pleura from the
A mixture of lipoproteins that act to reduce the tendency of alveoli to collapse
Elastic Recoil
The force responsible for normal expiration comes from
Internal Intercostal Muscles
Muscles that help force out more than the normal volumes of air by pulling the ribs downward and inward include the
Abdominal Wall Muscles
The diaphragm can be forced to move higher than normal by contraction of the
Atmospheric Pressure
If the pressure inside the lungs decreases, outside air is forced into the airways by